Admin End of Day Report
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Employee Equipment Sign-Out

Uniform Items

Lead Tech Only

Uniforms (Winter)


Not Required; preference. Assistant Tech or Higher.

Safety Items

Pressure Tips

Equipment Maintenance Report
Did you complete warehouse tasks?
Did you restock breakdown kits?
Did you do maintenance on truck mounted equipment?


Refill spill absorber containers?
Refill neutralizer dispenser for trucks?
Dump debris out of ShopVac into dumpster?

Breakdown Kits

Bin 1-Female garden hose mender
Bin 1-Male garden hose mender
Bin 1-Garden hose clamp mender
Bin 1-Garden QC male
Bin 1-Garden QC female
Bin 1-1/2" MPT x 1/2" barb plastic fitting
Bin 1-2 3/8" Splicers
Bin 1-2 1” Hose clamps
Bin 1-2 Water keys
Bin 1-Hex key (3 mil)
Bin 2-Knife
Bin 2-Dental pick set (two picks min.)
Bin 2-Phillips screwdriver
Bin 2-Flat head screwdriver
Bin 2-9/16 Combination wrench
Bin 2-Extractor
Bin 3-8 Safety gloves (4 pairs)
Bin 4-10 Shoe booties
Bin 5-2 Utility gloves (pair)
Bin 6-1/4" Male socket
Bin 6-1/4” Female socket
Bin 6-2 3/8” Male plug
Bin 6-2 3/8” Female socket
Bin 6-2 3/8” Male socket
Bin 6-2 3/8” Female plug
Bin 6-4 25025 Nozzles
Bin 6-3 3/8” FPT x 3/8” MPT fittings
Bin 6-2 Push fittings (window cleaning)
Bin 6-Male window clean QC
Bin 6-Female window clean QC
Bin 7-Ball valve
Bin 7-PB blaster (mini)
Bin 7-1 10” Vice-Grip wrench
Bin 7-10” Crescent wrench
Bin 7-8” Crescent wrench
Bin 8-O-Ring bag *
Bin 8-Garden hose spigot splitter
Bin 8-2 Teflon tape rolls

Maximum file size: 134.22MB

Truck Mounted Equipment

Refilled all soap containers
400' Window cleaning hose
250' Garden hose (PB Blaster QCs)
150' Garden hose 12" Reel (PB Blaster QCs)
350' Pressure hose top reel (PB Blaster QCs)
350' Pressure hose bottom reel (PB Blaster QCs)
Lubricate all QCs and SoftWash Wand/J-Rod
Lubricate hose reel chains (Chain Lube)
Lubricate ladder stabilizer legs (PB Blaster)
Employee Write-Up Form

Employee Information


Acknowledgment of Receipt of Warnings

Expense Report

Maximum file size: 134.22MB

WiseGuys Inventory Order Form

Inventory Order Form

Job Inspection Report

Job Inspection Report

Customer Interaction

Job in Progress

Service Consultant Review

Job Completed

Maximum file size: 134.22MB

Respirator Medical Form
Please check any of the following if you have or have had the condition(s):
Do you have any of the following issues (Lungs):
Do you currently have any of the following issues (Heart):
Are you currently taking medication for the following(s)?
If you have used a respirator in the past did it create any of the following issues:
In order to safely use a Full Mask Respirator, do you have any of the following condition(s):
Tech 1 vs. 1 Review
Trial Day Waiver

Emergency Contact Information: