Starting a Power Washing Business

If you are considering starting a power washing business, you may have questions about how to get started. This article will address a few of them. Read on for some ideas.

Invest in a wastewater reclaim system

A wastewater reclaim system is a way to reuse water. You can use the reclaimed water for landscaping, irrigation, cooling towers, golf courses, and more. However, it is important to remember that you should never dump waste water into a sewer. It can be dangerous and against the law. To avoid being fined for improperly disposing of water, it is best to invest in a reclaim system.

The reclaimed water is filtered through a series of settling tanks. The heavy solids are dissolved out using gravity. This process reduces the solids to a micron level. During filtration, copper oxide is added to kill any natural microbes. When filtered, the water goes through reverse osmosis and ozonation to make it safe for human use.

Water recycling systems have been effective at saving consumers more than half of their water bill. They also contribute to climate change adaptation. Many industrial users leverage reuse to reduce their water costs. In some cases, they secure water that has been exempt from drought-related cutbacks.

Upsell your services

Whether you own a pressure washing business or you are a commercial cleaner, you may want to consider upselling your services. This can add extra sales to your service calls, and can even help you earn more money for your pressure washing company. However, this doesn’t have to be a pushy sales technique. Rather, you should utilize your service personnel’s knowledge to recognize and capitalize on opportunities. You can start upselling during a call or during a walk-around with a customer.

To upsell your pressure washing services, you will want to get to know your customers’ needs. They will have specific needs, such as removing graffiti, cleaning out an office building, or cleaning out a storefront. By understanding your customer’s needs, you can offer them the best solutions for their problem. In addition, you can ask questions to help you recognize any opportunities that may arise during the service call. Refer to This Web Page.