Hi! We are really excited to complete this project for you tomorrow.

What to Expect

Our Crew Leader will send you a text message to notify you when they are on their way to your property. This message includes their name, photo, quick bio, and even their realtime GPS location so you know exactly when they will arrive to your property.

Upon arrival, we plan to walk the property with you to review the project’s scope and ensure that everyone is on the same page. If you have any questions or concerns about our cleaning process or specific areas on your property this would be a great time to ask.

Secondly, sit back and relax while our expert crew does all the hard work using our industry leading equipment to make your property sparkle!

Finally, once our crew is finished they will ask to do a final property walk through to show you the results.

Please let them know if you have any final questions or concerns at this time. Our crews do their very best, but they are human and can make mistakes on occasion.

If your plans change and, for whatever reason, you need to reschedule, we will likely have to charge a $150 cancellation fee since we will not have time to fill the opening in our schedule.


We Need Your Help
Before Service!

Inspect Property

  • Ensure that all exterior water spigots are turned on
  • All gates around the house are unlocked
  • Vehicles are not parked on the driveway
    • Park vehicles that must leave during cleaning on the street (can’t move after setting up)
  • Remove window screens (if we’re cleaning windows)
  • If you have a leak detection system on your house, please disable it prior to our arrival

Protect from Water Entry

  • Close & lock all windows, exterior doors, and garage doors (can blow open during cleaning)
  • Place rolled up towel at the bottom inside of each window and exterior door

Move Furniture

  •  Customer must clear all furniture/pots from areas being cleaned before crew arrives
    • Failure to do so will result in minimum $50 fee added to invoice
  • Small trinkets/fragile items must be put inside (wind chimes, thermostats, etc.)