Atlanta’s Trap Music Museum

Trap Music Museum is a monument to Dirty South legends. It’s also a one-of-a-kind gallery that celebrates the genre. It includes a replica drug dealer living room, a crack cooking kitchen, and an armed walk-in closet. Visitors can also snap pictures of Jeezy’s cocaine snowman and 2 Chainz’ pink Chevy from his infamous trap house. A great post ahead.


Visiting the Trap Music Museum, you’ll enter through a recreated convenience store that brings to life hip-hop’s gritty drug-dealing narratives. Inside, cashier hawks branded hoodies encased in duct tape and mason jars of marijuana decorate a coffee table.

While the museum doesn’t glorify or romanticize the violence and drugs that define this unique musical genre, it acknowledges and explores this harsh reality that birthed a genre that seeks to transcend it. Visitors can see firsthand how the trap sound evolved from a handy shorthand for drug-dealing raps to its current place at the center of pop culture.

Trap Music Museum was created to preserve Atlanta’s music legacy and the cultural heritage that inspired it, and its staff members take the mission seriously. They regularly feature photos of rising artists and give back to the local community by letting local rappers record in their two studio booths. Staff also hits the streets on English Avenue to help repair blighted homes and clear litter.

Room Sets

This museum is a great place to learn about hip-hop and the culture behind it. It pays tribute to the most iconic trap artists and gives up-and-coming rappers a chance to gain recognition. It also supports the local economy and reflects the diversity of Atlanta.

It originally opened as a pop-up, but so many people flocked to it during Super Bowl weekend that the museum decided to stick around. Its location on English Avenue reminds visitors that even though much of the city’s Westside is undergoing gentrification—and a stretch of the Beltline will one day snake through the museum’s backyard—trap culture remains a powerful force.

The room sets include monuments to 2 Chainz, featuring a pink ’70s Chevrolet inspired by the art direction of his 2017 single Pretty Girls Like Trap Music, as well as Gucci Mane in a “kitchen” that includes his portrait above the stove and a life-sized Styrofoam replica of the angry snowman emblem he used on his sweatshirts. Other highlights include a recreation of a crack cocaine cook site and artwork dedicated to Atlanta rapper T.I.’s forefather Clifford Harris. Browse around this site to check more places to visit.

Escape Room

With immersive room designs and in-room actors, this escape room is the ultimate experience for you and your friends. This venue features a variety of game modes, from casual to challenging, and its guides can cater the experience to your group’s abilities. Guests can also enjoy an on-site bar for beer and wine.

Located in Atlanta’s West Side, the museum honors rapper T.I’s roots in the neighborhood, which he calls “Bankhead.” Its walls are lined with photos and authentic memorabilia from hip-hop stars like Cardi B, Migos, and 2 Chainz. There is even a wall dedicated to the late rapper Nipsey Hussle.

The museum is a cultural institution that pays tribute to inspiring trap stars while allowing up-and-coming artists to gain recognition. Its collection of art, memorabilia, and an escape room is sure to appeal to anyone who’s interested in hip-hop music. The museum’s to-scale replicas of a drug dealer’s living room, a crack cocaine cook site, and an authentic pink car are especially popular attractions.


Unlike traditional museums where ancient Greek statues and Renaissance paintings stand as silent monuments, this museum is alive. It’s full of to-scale replicas of drug dealers’ living rooms and cracks cocaine cook sites, as well as a mock jail cell and 2 Chainz’s original pink car.

Located in Atlanta, Georgia, the museum is dedicated to the culture of trap music. The exhibits showcase the history and evolution of the genre and its influence on pop culture. The museum also hosts a variety of events and workshops.

The Trap Music Museum is a cultural institution that pays tribute to inspiring trap stars and gives up-and-coming artists recognition. It is the perfect place for hip-hop lovers to learn about this new style of music and culture.

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