walkway cleaning

Walkway cleaning is having your pathways, driveways, steps and more cleaned with a cleaning collusion and pressured water. It’s so important to have a walkway cleaning for your driveway, patio and deck to not only increase your curb appeal for your home or business, but because when these surfaces have growth of mold, mildew, or algae, they become extremely slick and dangerous to walk on. Without routine walkway cleanings your walkway poses a serious hazard for a slip and fall accident. 

For driveway cleanings we use concentrated cleaning solutions and high power washers. Concrete is a durable surface that is cleaned using a higher amount of pressure. Because concrete is porous, contaminants soak into the surface of the concrete, requiring a good amount of pressure to properly flush them out. Using high pressure washing with biodegradable cleaning products, the dirt, grime, mold and mildew is penetrated, broken up, lifted out of the pores, and washed away. 

Be sure to include a walkway cleaning when you schedule your other regular power washing and soft washing services. 

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