Pool Deck Cleaning

pool pressure cleaning

Pool deck cleaning is when your pool deck is professionally cleaned to remove hazardous and unsightly material. Because pool decks have constant exposure to water, it is a high risk area for mold and mildew to run rampant and cause damage to your pool deck. Regularly scheduled pool deck cleanings are important in order to prevent this type of damage from taking hold on your pool deck because it can also be a hazard for slip and fall accidents. Pool deck cleanings prevent mold and mildew from becoming an eyesore and you also reduce the risks of injuries.

Typical store washes for pool decks are not as strong as the cleaners used by our services which can dissolve thick, built-up dirt on your deck. We utilize soft washing techniques for your pool deck cleaning to prevent causing damage, and we use biodegradable solutions to prevent the buildup of dirt, mold, and mildew in the future. Soft washing allows the pool deck cleaning solution to penetrate the surface and keep it clean for longer.

Soft washing is a soft pressure cleaning technique as opposed to pressure washing. Soft washing keeps your deck safe from erosion and damage caused by high pressure alternatives.

Does your pool deck have spots of mold or mildew? Are discolorations from dirt build up? Give us a call and we’ll get your pool deck safe and beautiful once more.