The Best Way To Clean Concrete

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Cleaning concrete whether indoors or outdoors is easy to do the task if done properly. Unfortunately, not many know how to properly clean concrete. That mind, this post gets to look at the steps involved in cleaning concrete the right way.

Concrete is an ideal material to have both indoors and outdoors. Being a sturdy material, concrete is generally durable. Even better it is fairly resistant to stain and if it gets stained it is very easy to clean. Despite concrete being fairly resistant to stains, it is porous in nature and as such, it is bound to soak up dirt over a period of time. In the event this happens it is bound to harbor mildew something that is not only unhealthy but also a safety concern. With this in mind, it is important that you clean your concrete from time to time.

WiseGuys Pro-Wash of Sandy Springs specializes in power washing concrete. Here is how you can clean your concrete the right way:

What Should You Use To Clean Concrete?

The first thing you need to decide on once you’ve settled on cleaning your concrete is choosing what you’ll use. That being said, it is best to use a power or pressure when cleaning concrete. Why? Well, with a pressure washer you’ll be able to easily clean all the dirt, mildew and grime that have accumulated on your concrete. Even better, using a pressure washer is not that hard to master. The key is making sure you use the right pressure and the right cleaning solution.

While on matters cleaning solution you can opt for bleach, ammonia or any other commercial cleaning solutions. If you are dealing with a tough stain it is best to use cleaning solutions that are up-to-the task. That said go for a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and floor. Spread it gently on the tough stain and let it sit for some time, preferably a day, then simply scrape it off gently using a scraper tool.

If you don’t have these two then you can mix water and trisodium phosphate to get a solution that’s sure to help you do away with unwanted stains or dirt on your concrete. There is also an option of using muriatic acid on tough stains. But for this, it is best advised to use it on exterior works well on tough stains like dried grout or rust.

If you are dealing with special concrete, for instance, concrete that is stamped or polished, you’ll need to approach the cleaning process a little bit differently. For starters, you need to be very gentle. It’s best to use a mop and a bucket of water that’s mixed with any given mild cleaner. Key is making sure that you do not damage the concrete thus avoid using bleach or ammonia as they are known to have a high concentration of acid that can damage such concrete.

What Are The Steps To Follow When Cleaning Concrete Using Pressure Washer?

There are several steps involved in cleaning concrete the right way using a pressure washer. That said, we’ve listed the go-to steps below;

Step 1

The first thing you need to do when cleaning concrete is ensuring that you have a clear space to work with. As such, remove obstacles that might interfere with the cleaning process. This includes things like your vehicle(s), kids’ toys or even outdoor furniture and equipment.

Step 2

Prep Your Cleaner: The next step is prepping your cleaner. In other words, make sure you are ready to go by attaching the hose and nozzle the right way. Once you are done, turn it on and give your concrete a once over. This helps do away with small dirt substances. For instance, if you are working on exterior concrete, this initial was helps remove things like grass, pebbles, and debris.

Step 3

Applying Your Detergent: This is a very easy step to undertake. Simply attach the soaping nozzle to your equipment and start applying your detergent. The soaping nozzle is important as it helps in ensuring you don’t blast the detergent on concrete but rather soak. Important to note here is that you need to first read your machine manual. This will give you valuable knowledge on which concrete cleaner you should be using.

Step 4

Let The Detergent Rest: once you are done applying the right detergent on the concrete you are washing, let it rest a bit. Preferably, you should leave it as-is for at least 5 minutes. This is ample time for the detergent to work its magic. During this time the detergent will break down stains and tough mildew or grime that might have settled on your concrete.

Step 5

Blast Everything Off: Once you’ve allowed the detergent time to work its magic it is time to rinse off the detergent. For this step, it is best that you use a surface cleaner attachment. What this does is basically help in cleaning or blasting off the detergent.

Hence you’ll be able to complete the process much faster as most surface cleaner attachments disperse water over a considerably large area. This also helps in reducing the risk involved in pressure washing concrete on your own such as damaging the concrete yourself. It also helps pulse the flow as it readily tears down the dirt on concrete.

Another thing you can make use of is a rotary nozzle. This too also pulses the flow of water thus allowing it to conveniently do away with the grime and dirt that’s on your concrete. You can use one when working on stubborn stains and areas that are extremely dirty.

Once you are done, you are ready to rinse off your concrete. For this, you’ll need to attach the right nozzle. Once you are ready, give your concrete a thorough rinse.

If you’ve followed these steps correctly you should now have a clean concrete.


As you can tell, cleaning concrete is not just the best way to clean the concrete but also the easiest as well. Once you’ve finished cleaning concrete it is advised that you apply a concrete sealant. The purpose of this sealant is to make your concrete resistant to stains in the future. A fast and easy way of applying this sealant on concrete is by using a paint roller. When applying the sealant, make sure you cover all the edges.

Another thing that’s also important when it comes to matters sealant is making sure that you reseal your concrete floors every two or three years. This, together with cleaning concrete using the best cleaning method (that’s pressure washing), helps in ensuring your concrete are top condition and are always looking good.