Should I Power Wash My House Before I Put It On The Real Estate Market

power washing before selling

Planning on selling your house anytime soon? Well, read on to find out how power washing can help improve the value of your house and better position you in today’s competitive real estate market.

If you’ve decided to sell your house chances are you have lots of questions on your mind right now. This is more so true if it’s your first sale. Top on the list of questions you are asking yourself is how best you can attract potential buyers fast. One way you can be able to achieve this is by having a clean house. In general, clean house projects to things. One, house washing Buckhead, GA creates an appealing sight and two it makes the environment safe and healthy to live in. What these two do is help sell your home to potential buyers. Unfortunately, not many know how to properly clean their homes. It is with this that we’ve opted to share with you this post. Below we’ll show you the reasons why you should power wash your house before putting it on the real estate market.

Pressure Washing Helps Preserve The Value of Your House

Top on the list of reasons why you should power wash your house is preservation. In particular, power washing helps preserve the value of your home. In general, the exterior of your house is exposed to a number of harsh elements. These include things wind, smoke, dust, dirt and so much more. Over time, these elements tend to have an impact on the exterior of your home, especially on the paint and wall.

In the event, this happens, and you leave it unattended, the value of your property will depreciate. With pressure washing, you’ll be able to not only freshen up the appearance of your home but also preserve it thus increasing chances of you making a sale. Even better, you’ll be able to get a better bargain given that your house will be in good condition.

Pressure Washing Allows You To Increase Home Value

While still on matters preservation of your home, it is good to point out that homebuyers are willing to pay extra for homes they know they don’t have to worry about repairs and so on. So if you happen to power wash your home before putting it on the real estate market, you’ll be able to have a great advantage when it comes to determining the value of your home.

Pressure Washing Makes For Easy Renovation

If you are planning on putting your home on the real estate market chances are you are looking at making one or two renovations. If this is so, it is important that you have a way of cleaning and prepping surfaces you plan on renovating. Having said that pressure washing is an ideal way of cleaning and prepping surfaces you intend on renovating.

These surfaces can be decks and your home’s exterior. This is actually important if you are looking at refining these two or simply painting them. With pressure washing, you’ll be able to clean those hard-to-reach areas thus being able to fully prepare for any renovation on just about every corner of your home.

Pressure Washing Prevents Permanent Damage

Another reason why you should power wash your home if you are thinking of putting it on the real estate market is the prevention of permanent damage. Things like mold, moss, mildew and even grime can easily cause serious damage to the exterior of your home especially if you left it unattended to. This as you can tell ends up decreasing the value of your house on the real estate market.

While you could as well repair the damages, you’ll end up spending too much money that you initially didn’t plan to what’s the solution? Well, power washing. Power washing will help you get rid of all things mold, mildew, moss, algae and so on. Even better, you’ll be able to get rid of all these without necessarily causing any harm to the environment.

Pressure Washing Helps Improve Your House’s Curb Appeal

It’s very difficult for potential buyers to truly envision the true potential of your home or house if it’s dirty. Dirt in general especially if you are dealing with things like mold and dew can cause serious wear and tear on your home. In most cases, these usually result in a decrease in the curb appeal of your home as most of the wear and tear is normally on the exterior. As such, you as a homeowner are bound to lose a number of potential buyers.

Regardless of the type of house you want to put in the market, it is important that you look into improving the curb appeal of your home. That said the best way to go about dealing with this is giving your home a proper scrub. The best and only way to do this is through power washing. A power wash service carried out by a professional will help quickly spruce up your home’s curb appeal. This ultimately will result in potential home buyers being attracted to your home.

Pressure Washing Helps Maintain The Beauty of Your Home

Being able to maintain the beauty of your home is another reason why you should look at power washing your house before putting it on the real estate market. With just about any home, things like stains, dust and other kinds of elements can easily end up taking away the beauty of your home.

If your home doesn’t appeal to buyers, you’ll end up finding it very difficult to make a sale. That said, pressure washing can help restore the beauty of home easily. With pressure washing, you’ll be able to give your home a thorough washing even in those hard to reach areas ultimately removing just about every dirt present thus giving your house its old charm back. Do it right and you’ll easily charm potential buyers who come to enquire about the home.


While pressure washing is ideal when putting your house on the real estate market, it is advised that you pressure wash your house at least two times on a yearly basis. This will help protect and preserve your home. Also, do note that you might have to seek the services of professionals if you are looking to truly enjoy these benefits. This is very important if you don’t have any experience with pressure washing.

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