Challenge Your Brain Visiting Mastermind Escape Games In Atlanta

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Searching for ways you can be able to challenge your brain? Well, why not try out Mastermind Escape Games in Atlanta? Read on to learn more about this great place and what to expect on your first visit.

If you are in Atlanta and looking for something to do that’s not only fun but also one that is definitely going to challenge your brain then there is one place you should look at visiting and that is Mastermind Escape Games. Why? Well, it’s very simple, Escape Rooms. What are the escape rooms you ask? Well, it’s a new form of reality gaming that sees the people taking part in being locked up in a room with the aim of completing a mission within a specific timeframe. For instance, participants can be locked in a room and given 60 minutes to find their way out.

That said Mastermind Escape Games specializes in all things Escape Rooms. In fact, they boast thoughtful and innovative escape rooms that challenge the masses. Even better they have in place escape rooms for everyone. From, families, friends, millennials to corporates, there’s something for everyone at Mastermind Escape Games Atlanta.

Type of Games To Expect At Mastermind Escape Games

Now that you have some bit of knowledge regarding Mastermind Escape Games in Atlanta, it is time to highlight what to expect during your visit. In particular, we’ll look at the type of escape games available at Mastermind Escape Games. Worth noting is that Mastermind Escape Games prides itself on offering a unique and diverse range of escape games. Even better, these games have different themes and different difficulty levels.

What all this means is that you are bound to find an escape game that best meets your needs when you visit this amazing gaming center in Atlanta. That in mind, the escape games available at Mastermind Escape Games are;

  • Sorcerer’s Secret
  • Outbreak: Find The Cure
  • Bank Heist
  • Lost In Time
  • Race The Storm
  • Superhero Training Facility
  • Escape The Air Raid
  • Zombie Survival Run

Sorcerer’s Secret

The Sorcerer’s Secret is an ideal escape game for just about anyone visiting Mastermind Escape Games in Atlanta. As the name suggests, this game is about an evil sorcerer who’s managed to take up your uncle’s magic shop. The goal or mission is very simple, go to the magic shop and get to investigate the mysterious disappearance of your uncle. Keep in mind that the person responsible for your uncle’s disappearance is the sorcerer. You’ll also be required to foil the sorcerer’s evil plot against your uncle. It goes without saying that you should look at completing this mission without suffering the same fate as your uncle.

Outbreak: Find The Cure

Want to save the world from a deadly virus? Well, you’ll get to do just that in the Outbreak: Find The Cure game at Mastermind Escape Games in Atlanta. For this game, you’ll be finding a cure for a deadly experimental virus that got released accidentally. In addition to finding the cure, you’ll also be required to find an escape for the whole team before they are infected.

Bank Heist

Ever wanted to or take part in robbing a bank? Well, if that’s been your dream or something you fancy you have the opportunity to do just that with Mastermind Escape Games’ Bank Heist. The intriguing game allows you to join a crime syndicate and as a way of proving your worth, you’ll be required to rob a bank. Time, well, you’ll have 60 minutes to go in a pull the perfect bank heist. In these 60 minutes, you’ll be required to acquire as much cash as possible before the police show up.

Lost In Time

As already mentioned, Mastermind Escape Games in Atlanta has lots of games sure to challenge your mind. One such game is Lost in Time. As the name suggests, this game allows you to literally be lost in time. As a participant, you’ll have the opportunity to travel back in time to find out the origin of an unknown object that’s landed in the distant past. Like other escape games at this go-to spot, you’ll have 60 minutes to uncover the origins of this unknown object.

Race The Storm

Another game at Mastermind Escape Games that allows you to become a hero is Race The Storm. For this particular game, you’ll have 60 minutes to save each and every important historical document at the Georgia History Museum. To make matters intense, you’ll also be required to save yourself and others if applicable by going to the tornado shelter. This game also offers some educational benefits as the whole time you’ll be participating you’ll also be learning about Georgia’s rich history.

Escape The Air Raid

For this particular escape game, you’ll be required to prevent an air raid from your enemies. It is 60 minutes in length and it will see you introduced to a squad of soldiers. Before the actual attack, your squad will intercept a message warning you of an impending air raid. Once this happens you’ll have a limited time to activate the available sirens on site so as to warn the nearby city of an impending attack and for everyone to get to a bomb shelter before the air raid begins.

Zombie Survival Run

If you love the TV series Walking Dead and also want to challenge your mind with an innovative thoughtful game then playing the Zombie Survival Run is a must. This unique game we’ll see you in a post-apocalyptic zombie wasteland where everything is in chaos. For the game, your mission is to get enough supplies for your team and manage to escape the zombies while at it. The barricades provided are sure to give you more protection from the zombies as you embark on your escape plan once you have the required supplies for the team.

There you have it, a detailed look at Atlanta’s Mastermind Escape Games. In addition to the games already listed in this post, it is worth noting that they do have other interesting adventures and activities available. One such activity is the Superhero Training Facility, a perfect place for anyone who wants to take up a superhero training course and become a superhero.

Having said that its best that you visit the official site for a complete list of fun and challenging games available.

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