soft washing

Soft washing is a soft pressure cleaning technique as opposed to pressure washing. Soft washing keeps your exterior surfaces safe from erosion and damage caused by high pressure alternatives, and uses biodegradable solutions to prevent the buildup of dirt, mold, and mildew in the future. 

Over time, with too many high pressure washings, you can break down the layers of your exterior surfaces and end up causing irreversible damage. To avoid this, try soft washing. When you utilize a soft washing technique, you are getting a much less invasive cleaning. Rather than a high-pressure water stream, soft washing first uses chemicals to treat your surfaces and then uses a low-pressure water stream to rinse off the built up dirt and grime. 

This less invasive method preserves the layers of your surfaces while allowing cleaning solutions to seep in and go to work, rather than power washing and blasting it away. Soft washing, because of its long-lasting clean, allows a surface to stay clean with less frequent visits from us. In soft washing, less is definitely more!

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