Benefits of Pressure Washing Your Home Before You Decide To Paint It

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Thinking of giving the exterior of your home a new paint job? Well, here is why you should first pressure wash your home before applying a new coat of paint.

For homeowners, a go-to renovation project is usually painting. While this is so, many homeowners end up not getting results they desire. While there are several reasons why this is so, a good number of homeowners fail to get the look they are after because they simply did not prepare their house well.

With this in mind, many homeowners are always asking and wondering how best they can be able to prepare their home for a paint renovation project. If you happen to be one of these homeowners then you are in luck today as we will be looking at pressure washing as a way of prepping your home before painting a new coat. In particular, we’ll look at the benefits of pressure washing your home before deciding to paint it.

Should You Power Wash Your Home Before Painting It?

The answer is very short and simple, and its yes. To understand why it is important, you’ll need to first know why it is important to apply paint on a clean surface. That said applying paint on a surface that is not clean results in the paint not properly sticking on the surface it’s been applied to. As a result, some of the paint will start falling off after some time. To prevent this, it is important that you work with a clean surface.

Some homeowners actually do take into account how clean a surface is before carrying out any paintwork. While this is so, many unfortunately either use the wrong cleaning method or end up judging how clean a surface is by using their eyes. Ultimately, they end up not having their desired end result once they are done with their paint job. That said there is only one sure way of guaranteeing that you have a clean surface when you want to paint your home and that is by pressure washing the areas in your home you intend on painting.

Power washing Atlanta is ideal as it completely removes all dirt from any given surface. Whether its mold or mildew, you can count on pressure washing to completely do away with any sort of dirt on the surface you plan to paint on. Even better, pressure washing if done the right way will help do away with the previous layer of paint and chalking that one might not be able to see easily.

What is chalking? Well, it is basically old paint surfaces that break as a result of being exposed to direct sunlight for a considerably long period of time. The name chalking comes as a result of the chalk residue that comes out from the surface when someone swipes their hand on it. Painting over a chalky surface will result in paint also not properly sticking hence will not last long.

So like I said earlier, the answer to the question of whether you should pressure wash your home before you decide to paint is very easy and it’s a clear yes. You should see to it that you wash your home as this will ensure that the new coat of paint you plan on applying will perfectly bond with your surface thus giving you the desired outcome and last long.

Importance of Doing It Right

While there are lots of benefits associated with pressure washing your home before deciding on painting. It is equally important to make sure that you do it the right way. Failure to do this might result in you not fully reaping the benefits of pressure washing. As such, it is always advised that you seek the services of a professional to help you pressure wash your home. With a professional, you are guaranteed;

Complete Dirt Removal

Given their skills and experience, you can count on a professional to completely get rid of all dirt on the surface you intend on painting. Not only are they experts at what they do but they’ll also use the very best in equipment when it comes to cleaning your surface. Furthermore, they have all the right power washing attachments to help them cover just about each and every corner of your surface.

In some instances, homeowners that opt to power wash their homes on their own end up using the wrong cleaning attachments. That’s why you’ll find in such homes that some areas have paint falling off because they didn’t completely get rid of the dirt.


It is equally important to ensure that you don’t damage the exterior of your home when carrying out a power washing exercising. Unfortunately, some homeowners end up damaging their surface as a result of a number of things. However, there is one common reason why homeowners end up damaging their surface and that is the use of too much pressure.

If you use the wrong amount of pressure chances are you’ll end up damaging your surface. That in mind it is best to let a professional handle this task as they know the right amount of pressure to use on any given surface. This way you are guaranteed that nothing will be damaged during the process of pressure washing your home.

Sufficient Drying Time

Another reason why you should look into hiring a professional is drying time. Once you’ve pressure washed your home, it is very important that you let it dry completely. This is something many homeowners fail at and as such end up applying paint on surfaces that are not completely dry. What this usually results in is paint failure. To best tackle this issue it is best to let a professional handle this task for you.

They know the right amount of time to allocate to any given surface so as for it to completely dry off. While you might be tempted to Google this information, it is best that you don’t. Why? Well, different sidings have different timing when it comes to drying. Furthermore, the way you wash also factors in the amount of time required for it to completely dry.

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