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Why Is Important To Have The Right Tools When Window Cleaning

Planning on cleaning your windows anytime soon? Then make sure you have the right tools for cleaning your windows. Why is this important? Well, read on to find out.

When it comes to window cleaning, many people look at it as a straightforward easy to do a task. But is this true? Is window cleaning easy to do? Well, the answer to this is no and yes. This is especially so if you are looking at cleaning windows with a professional eye.

Why is this? Well, if you use the right tools and follow the correct steps then window cleaning is very easy. In addition to having the right tools, you need to be very careful and precise. On the other hand, if you use the wrong tools and follow the wrong steps, window cleaning can be very tedious.   

Unfortunately, a good number of people don’t know what tools to use. Furthermore, they don’t follow the right steps and such, they have difficulties cleaning windows. To assist with these, this post will highlight the importance of using the right cleaning tools below. Furthermore, it’ll look into what tools to use and what tools not to use. So without any further ado, let’s get straight to it.

The areas this post will look into are;

  • You’ll Be Able To Properly Clean Your Windows
  • You Won’t Damage Your Windows
  • Properly Dry Your Windows
  • Easy Reach

You’ll Be Able To Properly Clean Your Windows 

Cleaning windows is a very simple task if you are looking at it from a perspective of just cleaning them. However, if you are looking at properly cleaning your windows to the point where they shine, then cleaning windows is not that easy. One of the reasons why this is so is the fact that many homeowners or businesses don’t have the right cleaning tools.

Without the right window cleaning tools, it is very hard to have clean windows. This is actually one of the reasons why you need the right tools. In other words, if you want to properly clean your windows you’ll need to have the right tools. Remember to also look into the type of stain you are dealing with. This way you’ll be able to clearly point out the tool you need.

So what are or is the right cleaning tools? Well, there is no particular answer to this question. This is mostly due to the fact that you are likely to deal with a variety of stains when cleaning your windows. Always check with a professional when in doubt to make sure that you are using the right window cleaning tool(s).

You Won’t Damage Your Windows

Another reason why you need to use the right tools when window cleaning is safety. In particular, you’ll not be able to damage your windows if you use the right window cleaning tools. When dealing with tough window stains many choose to razor blades.

While this can work it is not advised, this is more so the case when it comes to razor blades manufactured in the last 5 to 10 years. Why is this so? Well, glassless in general, especially new ones have something called fabricating debris. This is basically a defect that involves glass dust resting on the surface of the windows.

When cleaned using the wrong tools, for instance, the wrong razor blade, this glass dust or particles usually broken loose. These glasses are sure to leave a number of scratches on your window thus making it look really bad.

Properly Dry Your Windows

Another reason why you need to have the right tools when window cleaning is the process of drying your windows. Once you’ve cleaned your windows you need to be able to properly dry them. Unfortunately, a number of people don’t get this part right and as such end up doing more harm than good.

Currently, many people use newspapers, paper towels or Windex to dry their windows. While these three are very common, some even heavily advertised, they are not ideal. Why do you ask? Well, newspapers, for example, have harsh chemicals. The chemicals can cause smudges on windows when used to dry them. The extent to which its impact is actually worse when working with white coloured window frames.

That said an ideal way of drying windows is by using a squeegee. This is basically a handled tool that features a flat, rubber edge. This rubber edge uniformly removes water from the surface of any window. Even better, it does this without leaving any causing any damage to your windows or even streaks. Fun fact, the squeegee is a go-to tool for a number of professionals who clean windows.

Easy Reach

Another reason why it is important to have the right tools when window cleaning is reached. With the right tools, you’ll be able to reach just about any window when doing your cleaning. One window cleaning tool sure to give you the ability to reach just about any window is a step ladder.

With a step ladder, you’ll be able to reach just about any window. This ultimately works to make cleaning windows extremely easy. If you are working on homes or buildings that are three or four stories high, then a ladder is not an ideal choice. Not only is it dangerous but you won’t be able to easily reach all the windows.   


There you have it, why it is important to have the right tools when window cleaning. Ideally, you want to leave the whole process of window cleaning to professionals. Not only will they use the right tools but will have your windows looking shiny after they finished with their work.

That said it is very important to use the right window cleaning tools if you choose to clean windows on your own. Do this (use the right window cleaning tools) and you’ll see how simple and effective this process is. You’ll definitely be amazed by the result you’ll get.

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