Atlanta Preservation Center

Visit Atlanta Preservation Center and Learn About Our History

The Atlanta Preservation Center is one of the most popular attractions in Atlanta. It is a non-profit organization that focuses on the history and architecture of the city’s most prolific buildings and neighborhoods.

This particular attraction in Atlanta has worked towards advancing the environment in the city by acknowledging some of Atlanta’s most significant and historical resources. The ultimate goal was to get more residents to be aware of the actual value of history and how they could use these resources and information to improve the modern lifestyle. This preservation center has worked with many other companies and organizations to achieve that goal. Some of these include the Atlanta Urban Design Commission, Georgia Department of Natural Resources, and a few others.

When you take a trip to the Preservation Center, you can take advantage of the many walking tours that are provided on-site. The guided walking tours offered by the Preservation Center give you the chance to connect with the city’s history. When it comes to appreciating it, it goes much farther than looking at dates and facts. Walking through the historical places makes the experience more intimate and memorable.

The tours offered are led by professionals that have a profound knowledge of the history of the city. If you’re planning on attending, admission is about $13 for adults and $7 for students. Seniors older than the age of 65 are also eligible for the $7 admission. If you’re a member of the Atlanta Preservation Center, admission is free. Keep in mind that even if you are a member or you have your paid admission, you must make a reservation to attend any of the walking tours. It is best to do this at least 2 or 3 days before the day of the event. If you’re planning on paying in person, you must only bring cash.

Here are some of the popular sites you will get to see on a walking tour:

Westview Cemetery

On this tour, you’ll learn about some of the most important Atlantans in history, such as Joel Chandler Harris and Lemuel Pratt Grant. You’ll also get to look at enchanting sculptures and other historical works of art that were created in that era. At some point in the tour, you’ll also get a look at the 1890 Gate House and a Mausoleum that was popular in the second World War. Westview Cemetery is filled with lots of beauty and history that will capture you in an instant.

Ansley Park

This tour includes the first driving suburb in the city. This was developed all the way back in 1904 by a man named Edwin P. Ansley. He had a dream of a suburb that would involve motorcars and would stretch along the parks and streets of the city. Initially, it was created to appeal to the wealthier and prestigious side of the population. To achieve that, the Ansley Park was a location made to house the Governors Mansion exclusively. This went on for decades and was also home to Margaret Mitchell. Later on, Edwin Ansley’s dream of creating a place filled with grace and harmony had come true.

Druid Hills

Back in 1893, this neighborhood was planned out by Frederick Law Olmsted. Today, it gives residents and visitors a blissful ambiance that makes it stand out from most of the other historical attractions in the city. It is filled with elegant and beautiful homes of various architectural styles created by some of the city’s most renowned artists. Neel Reid, Philip Shutze, and W.T. Downing were all a part of the creation and development of this site. This neighborhood is most known for its beauty and the peaceful vibe it brings to other residents and visitors.

Grant Park

This district is well known for its affiliation with the 1856 Grant Mansion, Zoo Atlanta, and other things like the Confederate fortifications. The amount of beauty and history in this location is the reason why it could be one of the best places you’ll walk through on your tour. Lemuel P. Grant, a renowned entrepreneur, gifted the city with a special park that is placed in the heart of the community. Its gorgeous lake and springs have made it a local favorite for decades.

Healey Building

The Healey Building is truly one of the city’s most amazing architectural treasures. While on your tour, you’ll get a view of this amazing neo-gothic building. This site was created by the great W.T. Downing, a renowned architect. It has over ten stories, with a lobby and multiple mezzanine levels that give tourists a view of its most breathtaking highlights. It also includes a barbershop and an area on the top floor where you can get a fresh view of the city.

Why Visit the Atlanta Preservation Center?

1. Understand the History

It’s always rewarding to take a step back and learn about the reasoning behind why people lived the way they lived. This is one of the rewards you’ll come across while taking a walking tour with the Atlanta Preservation Center. Learn about the differences between their time and the time we live in now.

2. Get an Idea of Different Identities

While on tour, you’ll be something like a student of history looking into how different organizations, cultures, and communities were formed to make Atlanta what it is today. Along with that, it improves our society by taking important information from the past and using it to improve the way we live today.

3. Understand Change

When you observe and study history, you’re learning about the impact that big changes can have on people, communities, and the world as a whole. When you understand the role of change, it gives you the ability to interpret the current world better. You’ll learn about why things change and why these changes are significant for the world.

Along with taking a walking tour, you can also check out the Phoenix Files and the Endangered parts of the Atlanta community. When you join and take advantage of the membership at the Preservation Center, you’ll get exclusive access to certain events, updates about the tours, free admission, and other things that depend on which tier you decide to take advantage of.

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