The Views at Coleman Village

We are pleased that your Homeowners Association (HOA) chose WiseGuys Pro-Wash to service your neighborhood!

Please Note: We will we using the fire hydrants inside the community as our water source for this project. We are permitted to do this through the local water authority and will be paying for the water that we use. This means that we do not need to connect to any of the homeowners water in order to complete this project.

Since we will be in your neighborhood, we are able to offer you the following discounted services.


If you wish to take advantage of this group pricing, please fill out the form below in its entirety, and make payment through our secure gateway by 11:59 pm on Monday, July 15, 2024.

Project will be completed between Thursday, July 18, 2024-Friday, July 19, 2024 (as needed).

The Views at Coleman Village

The Views at Coleman Village

The Views at Coleman Village *


Driveways, front stoops, and decks need to be cleared off prior to our arrival (including but not limited to furniture, door mats, pots, strung lights, cars, etc.) before we arrive to perform the work. We will not be moving items after cleaning takes place.

If items are not removed from these areas then we will not be cleaning it.

Pricing includes only the selected area(s) that are requested.

All people and pets need to stay off these surfaces until we complete the cleaning and the areas have had enough time to dry.

Pricing does not include cleaning any other areas (not specified) such as decks, patios, garage floors, curbs, the railings around the steps, front doors, etc. Only the area checked will be washed.

We are not responsible for accidental damages to customer property that is left on the building, deck, or driveway during the cleaning process.

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