The Best Way To Keep Your Soft Washers Looking New

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10 Tips On The Best Way To Keep Your Soft Washers Looking New

Soft washers are delicate items that need special care and attention in order to stay looking new. If you want your soft washers to last longer and look their best, then it’s important to take the right steps for cleaning them properly. In this article, we’ll provide 10 tips for the best way to keep your soft washers looking new so that they can serve you well for many years! From choosing the right laundry detergent to regularly cleaning the drum of your washing machine, these tips will help ensure that your soft washers look great no matter how often you use them. So let’s get started!

Soft Washers Looking New
Soft Washers Looking New
  1. Choose the right laundry detergent: Using the wrong kind of laundry detergent can damage your soft washers, so it’s important to choose a mild and non-abrasive detergent. Stick to liquid detergents that are specifically formulated for delicate fabrics and make sure to read the label carefully before using it. 
  2. Hand-wash when possible: Whenever you can, avoid putting your soft washers in the washing machine and opt for hand-washing them instead. This will help keep their delicate fabric from snagging or tearing due to the agitator of the machine. 
  3. Use Cold Water & a Gentle Cycle: When using the washing machine, always select a cold water setting and set it to a gentle cycle. Hot water and higher spin cycles can cause fabric wear and tear that can make your soft washers look old in no time. 
  4. Air-Dry Instead of Machine Drying: If you don’t have time to air-dry your items, then make sure to use the lowest heat setting on your dryer when machine drying them. High heat settings can shrink or damage delicate fabrics like those found in soft washers machines. 
  5. Regularly Clean The Drum of Your Washing Machine: Over time, lint from clothes builds up inside the drum of a washing machine, which causes abrasion to fabrics. To keep your soft washers looking new for longer, make sure that you clean out the drum of your washing machine after each use. 
  6. Remove Items from Your Washing Machine Immediately: Once your items have finished their cycle in the washing machine, it’s important to remove them immediately and hang up or lay flat to dry. Leaving your soft washers inside the machine can cause them to wrinkle or even shrink!
  7. Iron Accordingly: If necessary, ironing is alright; just be sure not to overdo it as too much heat can damage delicate fabrics like silk and cashmere making them look old quickly. Always use a low heat setting when ironing and never leave an iron on soft washers for too long. 
  8. Weigh Your Loads: Overloading your soft washing machine can cause abrasion to fabric, resulting in a worn-out look over time. To avoid this, make sure that you properly weigh each load before starting the cycle; it’s best to use no more than two or three pounds of laundry per wash. 
  9. Treat Stains Immediately: If you notice stains on your soft washers, don’t wait until they’ve set in and become harder to remove! Instead, spot treat them as soon as possible using gentle detergents or stain removers specifically designed for delicate fabrics.
  10. Store Soft Washers Properly: It’s important to store your soft washers properly to keep them looking new for longer. Make sure that you hang or fold them carefully and store them somewhere away from direct sunlight or heat sources, such as a closet or drawer.

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