Stone Mountain Park

Stone Mountain Park – One of Our Most Visited Attractions in Georgia

Stone Mountain Park is a great family vacation destination about 15 miles outside of Atlanta. Here, you can go on an adventure filled with entertaining activities for you and your family to enjoy. There are a variety of fun recreational activities, events, and historical sights you’ll enjoy with your loved ones.

This park is one of Atlanta’s most popular attractions because it features such a huge variety of entertaining activities for families. It also sits on over 3,000 acres of beautiful nature. You can participate in the various annual events like the Spring FUN BReak and the Yellow Daisy Festival. All activities can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

When you get there, you can take a cable car all the way to the top of the Stone Mountain to get a view of the amazing city. You can have fun playing in the spray, or you can stay up top on the Geysery Towers. After that, you can travel through the treetops on the SkyHike, which one of the largest rope courses in the entire nation! Along with that, you can go on a scenic train ride that goes five miles around the Stone Mountian.

You have the option to stay on-site at the Stone Mountain Inn or hang out at the resort and get a chance to experience two championship golf courses. If you’re a fan of camping, you can also spend your nights in a tent or RV on the campgrounds of Stone Mountian. While camping, you can let the people in the park help you plan out your picnic or host the picnic for your company or family reunion. This takes place at one of the outdoor pavilions. It will be a great way to relax and spend time out in the beautiful nature. When it starts to get late, you can take your family and friends to see an epic laser show that includes a finale filled with bright and colorful fireworks.

Stone Mountain Park is pretty much open at any time of the year. However, hours can change depending on the season. If you’re planning on going soon, check out the hours of operation and look at the events calendar to get exact hours at dates. You can also purchase tickets online and get access to passes, special offers, and different packages for your vacation.

What Festivals and Events Can You Participate In?

Pumpkin Festival

During the day, you can enjoy family-friendly events and attractions during the fall with some of your favorite storybook characters. After that, you can ‘glow by night’ and take your fun to the next level. You can experience both the day and night adventures while you’re at the Pumpkin Festival if you have an All-Attraction Pass. You can also take advantage of both of these fun events with a Mountain Membership.

During this event, you can really enjoy the bulk of autumn while you go on a journey of fun at the park! With your Mountain Membership or All-Attractions Pass, you can enjoy everything from the obstacle course on treetop or the fulfilling train ride with your family. You’ll also get access to a 4-D movie and much more. Take part in everything from pie eating contests to various games in the carnival that will keep you and your family entertained the whole time through.

As the day melts into night, you can take your family and friends on a stroll in the evening that goes through the classic tales in the storybook. You’ll get to see over 40 imagined acts that include mystical displays of bright pumpkins, festive lights, fog, bubbles, and lots of features and elements that glow in the dark after the sun goes down.

Highland Games

For almost 50 years, the festival grounds of Stone Mountain Park have been filled with wonderful music like bagpipes and harps. This is part of the Highland Games that take place around the third weekend of October.

Now, thousands and thousands of Scottish people gather their family and friends to enjoy the various events that take place in the Highland festival. This includes athletic activities, dancing, piping, drumming, and many other things. You and your family can take part in the Scottish Country Dancing event and other fun and interactive events surrounding the culture and history of the Scots. You can get more information from the Clan and Tartan tents. You’ll also be given a chance to explore some of the colorful and vibrant shops located on the festival grounds.

Country Living Fair

This fair is filled with many shops that have over 200 vendors from almost 25 states. Here, you’ll find many gleeful merchants selling things like antiques and artisan goods that come paired with specialty foods. These are the highlights that are often featured in the Country Living Magazine, a popular publication that has recently made its way back to the public in the fall of 2019. You and your companions will get the opportunity to experience a true country lifestyle. When you pay for tickets, you also get access to various seminars and cooking demos. You’ll be able to meet the editors as well.

Native American Festival and Pow Wow

If you really want to experience a festival filled with lots of energy and power, consider taking your family to the Native American Festival located in Georgia. This festival is free to members of Stone Mountain Park and lasts for four days. It is such a treat to visitors that the Southeast Tourism Society put it on the list of the Top 20 Events in tourism.

This event usually runs from November 7th to the 10th and starts anywhere from 10 am and lasts until about 6 pm and 5 pm on weekends. This is the perfect place for school groups to visit, as well.

The Native American Festival is held at the Historic Square, a highlight of the Stone Mountain Park. It exposes the beauty of Native American music, dance, and traditions. Visitors can get an in-depth experience of the lifestyle and culture of Native Americans.

These are just a few of the many things you’ll get to experience in Stone Mountain Park. If you want to take your vacation to the next level, get your tickets and start having fun today!

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