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Siding Pressure Washing

Is Pressure Washing Vinyl Siding Effective?

Pressure washing vinyl siding is a convenient, cost-effective way of getting rid of dirt, mildew, mold, and other types of stains on the surface.

Pressure washing your home’s vinyl siding can make it look clean and new again. The process also removes hard water spots from windows and leaves behind a fresh scent.

The most common type of pressure washer that homeowners use has an electric or gas engine attached to a pump that sends high-pressure water through a nozzle at the end of its hose. The device typically weighs about 50 pounds when full of water and is easy to maneuver around your house while cleaning away grime and mold without damaging paint or leaving streaks on surfaces like wood trim. There are different kinds of pressure washers on the market so you might want to consult a salesperson at your local home improvement store before making a purchase.

If your vinyl siding is covered in years of built-up dirt, mildew, and mold, it’s time for a good cleaning. A power washer can blast all that away and make your home look new again – but be careful not to damage the surface of the vinyl with too much water pressure.

Tips for Pressure Washing Vinyl Siding

When you’re ready to start pressure washing your vinyl siding, follow these tips:

  1. Start by spraying down the entire surface with a garden hose to wet it. This will help the dirt and debris loosen up so it’s easier to remove.
  2. Attach a tip to the end of your power washer that is best suited for vinyl.  If you don’t have one, ask at the store when you purchase your pressure washer.
  3. Direct the water spray onto the vinyl siding and start cleaning from top to bottom in rows or sections, depending on how big your house is. Work slowly across the surface until it’s completely clean of grime and dirt.
  4. Leave a bucket of plain white vinegar out next to an exterior faucet so you can rinse off after washing with soap or chemicals.
  5. When done pressure-washing, turn off all exterior spigots and let any leftover water drip thoroughly from any hoses connected to them before storing them away.
  6. Even though you’re done pressure-washing, it’s a good idea to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water after touching any exterior faucets or nozzles after handling the machine. This will help avoid transferring any harmful chemicals from the washer onto your house or into your home via an open door or window.

Allowing water to drip from hoses avoids creating potential problems by causing untreated water to pool up on siding which can lead to dampness and mildew underneath a vinyl patch that could lift a corner if it’s not dried out in time. Plus, any standing water left over will attract mosquitoes and other pests as well as create other health risks, so be sure all spigots have been turned off and no water is left standing in the hose before you store it away for a while.

For a visual guide of these tips, check out this informative video on using a pressure washer to clean vinyl siding: 


If you’re not experienced with pressure washing equipment, be sure to ask at the store where you purchase your machine or consult an expert for help. Never aim the nozzle up toward the eaves of your house when cleaning from top to bottom so you don’t damage any interior areas of your home such as your roof or gutters. If there are cracks in any areas or areas that have weathered severely time, provide additional caution and use a light touch.

In short, pressure washing vinyl siding is an easy, effective way to clean years of dirt and mildew off the surface – but be sure to take care not to damage the vinyl material with too much water pressure. By following these simple tips, you can clean your house quickly and safely and have it looking like new in no time! If these services sound right for you consider giving us a call today!

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