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Pressure Washing Duluth Georgia

#1 Rated Power Washing Company Serving Duluth, Ga.


What We Do:


Pressure Wash Hard Surfaces

Soft Wash Houses and Roofs

Window Cleaning



Parking Decks and Parking Garages




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Soft Washing vs Pressure Washing


Soft Washing


Here at WiseGuys Pro-Wash, we value the work that we do and we value your property. Not only do we understand that you want it clean, you also want it intact and undamaged! We value our clients in Duluth, Ga. 


This is why we’ve adopted a soft wash approach. With this approach, we rely on a cleaning solution to do the majority of the cleaning before a low pressure yet high volume rinse to the surface. This gives your house a longer lasting cleaning without the damaging effects of pressure washing. The pressure that comes out during a soft wash is almost equal to that of the pressure from a garden hose.


Does my house still get clean?


Yes! When we use a soft washing technique, we use a special environmentally friendly cleaning solution that binds to the dirt, grime, mold, and mildew and helps to leave your surface very clean.


Pressure Washing


Pressure washing uses pressurized water to clean surfaces that are tough enough to withstand it.. Using pressures between 1300psi and 2800psi, depending on the type of surface, we’re able to clean dirt and stains off of driveways, sidewalks, concrete porches, retaining walls, patios, etc… Sometimes these pressures can reach up to 4000 psi depending on what we’re cleaning. 


In fact, pressure washing and power washing are often mistaken to be the same thing. They’re very similar! The only difference between the two is that “pressure” uses unheated water and “power” uses heated water. Heated water cleans more than unheated water but you can save time and energy because it’s not always necessary. 


Both soft washing and pressure washing are very effective. With soft washing, an environmentally friendly cleaning agent is what’s mainly responsible for cleaning. With pressure and power washing, the pressure is what does the cleaning.


Exterior Window Cleaning 


Part of doing a thorough job is making sure everything looks great. When we do washing, we leave no stone unturned!


A house that is power washed but has dirty windows is not a completely clean job! We do exterior window cleaning in Duluth, Ga. and surrounding areas. 


Windows tend to be the things in a home that get the least amount of attention. They get dirty over time and some homeowners just get used to the way the world outside looks through them. There’s nothing like seeing the world in a fresh new light through clean windows! 


I bet you never thought that clean windows could actually save you some money on your heating and lighting bills, either! More sunlight coming through clean windows allows more heat and more light to get into your home. 


At WiseGuys Pro-Wash we pride ourselves on professionalism, dependability, and attention to detail. When you call us, you’ll be met with a team that’s educated, skilled, and a pleasure to do business with. When the job is done, your windows will be so clean you’ll wonder if they’re still there!


Roof Cleaning Duluth Ga.


Your roof is part of the overall investment in your property. It’s up high and doesn’t get a lot of attention but it should! Our soft wash treatment for roof cleaning kills any harmful agents up there and improves the look of your shingles. 


Why have your roof cleaned?


Not only does having your roof cleaned help improve your home’s aesthetics and raise it’s value, it can also help with cost savings down the road!


A filthy roof that has debris, mold, and mildew building up can damage shingles and underlayment. This can lead to many costly repairs down the road, sometimes meaning a whole new roof replacement! 


Here at WiseGuys Pro-Wash, we use our soft washing technique to make sure that your roof does it’s best. Our technicians are trained in roof cleaning and are a pleasure to work with. 


Contact WiseGuys Pro-Wash today! We will schedule a time that works for you to come out, do an assessment, and figure out the best way to serve you!



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Exterior House Washing


Keeping the exterior of your home clean is just as important is keeping the interior clean. You would be surprised at how many contaminants are brought inside from the outside just from walking into the house from the yard, deck, or driveway. Homeowners and commercial facilities can help keep the interior of their homes clean by keeping the exterior clean as well! House Washing sounds like a major chore but it can be much easier when you call in the pros!


Wise Guys Pro-Wash can clean just about anything on the exterior such as decks, roofs, siding, patios, and driveways.  


Cleaning the Siding, Patio, and Deck Washing




One of our main services can make your home look completely different. With help from WiseGuys Pro-Wash, you can take your home from dingy one to one that stands out from the others and looks the best! You can also increase your home’s value with amazing curb appeal!


It’s important to keep siding clean in order to maintain its integrity. Often, homeowners are just about to replace their siding when it’s recommended that they get it soft washed. They’re not aware that a good soft washing can take care of green stains from algae and the black streaks from the buildup. These can seem pretty permanent but you would be surprised what professional exterior cleaners can do!




WiseGuys Pro-Wash offers patio cleaning in Duluth, Ga. and surrounding areas.


No matter if your patio is brick, stone, or concrete, we have the technicians and the capability of cleaning any surface. Our techs will apply the appropriate cleaner at the appropriate pressure to make sure that all of the dirt and grime is removed from your patio.


Patios are nice places to entertain friends and family. We understand how fast they can get dirty with birthday parties and cookouts. We also understand how important it is to keep patio areas clean, not only for aesthetics but for the health of your family. Substances such as mold, mildew, food particles, and other debris can create an unhealthy environment and affect kids, pets, and other family members. 


When you work with WiseGuys Pro-Wash you’ll feel at ease inviting your friends and family over for a get-together. All you have to do is invite us over first to take care of the cleanliness of your patio today!


Deck Washing


Decks are a lot like patios when it comes to why they need cleaned frequently. This is the place where families like to spend a lot of their time so it’s a no-brainer that it can get pretty messy!


When it comes to your deck, WiseGuys Pro-Wash takes a much more gentle approach with our soft washing service. Using too much pressure and cleaning improperly can ruin the finish and the wood underneath.


In addition to improper cleaning, totally failing to clean a deck can ruin it too. From time to time, even the most professionally laid decks need restored and refinished. Adding dirt, grime, mold, and mildew to the mix can make it so that refinishing needs done more often. 


Give us a call or fill out the contact form below to schedule your consultation!


Driveway Cleaning


After parking on and driving over your driveway for a period of time it can get really dirty. Stains from vehicles and other things can really make your driveway and the overall aesthetics of your home look dingy and desperately in need of a clean.


Not only the aesthetics is a concern, driveways become worn down after a while if left unwashed for too long. Stains can weaken your driveway and lead to cracking, discoloration, and other deterioration. 


When cleaning your driveway, we understand that special consideration must be taken to deal with different substances without discoloring the driveway. WiseGuys Pro-Wash has the equipment and expertise to make your driveway shine like it was just laid. 


Rust Removal


Rust can be one of the toughest stains to remove from just about anything. Whether it be on your patio, business, or on metal surfaces, battling rust isn’t easy!


Luckily with WiseGuys Pro-Wash, we have just the tools and techniques available to rid your exterior of any rust buildup that may have occurred over time. 


What Causes Rust Stains?


Most of the time when you find rust, it’s caused by water.


  • When metal and concrete are in contact and the metal is often wet
  • Natural stones with rust elements that come in contact with concrete and water
  • Leaking battery acid or fertilizer over-spray
  • Radiator drip
  • Rusty patio furniture
  • Water from your sprinkler


These are all very common sources for rust stains that can be very unsightly and can seem permanent.


Professional pressure washing services such as WiseGuys Pro-Wash are experts at cleaning stubborn rust stains using safe solutions for any surface it may be on. 


Commercial Power Washing

Sometimes cleaning the exterior of a commercial building can be challenging. Bring years of life back to the appearance of your commercial property and buildings with professional power washing by WiseGuys Pro-Wash. 


We clean commercial buildings and equipment in Duluth, Ga. and surrounding areas.


We Clean:



Property Exteriors

Industrial Facilities

Manufacturing Facilities

Construction Clean Up

Food Industry

And More!


Our power washing equipment can clean buildings that are up to 3-5 stories high! No more only cleaning the heights that can be easily reached. 


Don’t worry about extra height causing loss of pressure and inefficient cleaning. Our technicians have the training and equipment to make sure that the top of your commercial facility is just as clean as the bottom. 


What Our Customers Say About Us:

About Duluth Georgia


Duluth is located on the northern side of the Atlanta Metropolitan area. It’s in the western part of Gwinnett County and is labeled as a model city due to it’s nostalgic history and modern life as well as its technological developments. 


Duluth can be traced back to the 1880s when the city was part of Cherokee Indian Territory. In 1821 there was only one road known as Peachtree Road. it was created during the war to link Ft. Danie and the Fort at Standing Peachtree. After the railroad was built 40 years later the first family settled in Duluth. Since then, the population has grown to 26,000 residents. 


Duluth is known for its small town feel with big city amenities. The city offers everything including the Red Clay Music Foundry, the Southeastern Railway Museum, the Arena at Gwinnett Center, and the Hudgens Center for the Arts.



Counties We Serve


Cobb County

East Cobb




Fulton County


Chastain Park

Sandy Springs




Johns Creek

DeKalb County




Druid Hills




Gwinnett County

Peachtree Corners






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WiseGuys Pro-Wash, LLC
Average rating:  
 6 reviews
by Jeff W on WiseGuys Pro-Wash, LLC

When I first called WiseGuys I was greeted by a friendly voice and scheduling the appointment was very pleasant. The crew was on time, organized, and did a wonderful job! Very happy with how everything turned out.

by Eric A on WiseGuys Pro-Wash, LLC

I didn’t realize how dirty my house was until WiseGuys came and got all of the gunk off of it. What a difference it made! I’m not sure what’s in those power washing wands but it sure did the trick! Thanks!

by Xavier T on WiseGuys Pro-Wash, LLC

I’ll be calling WiseGuys Pro Wash again when I need my driveway and sidewalks cleaned! They get a thumbs up and a very good job from me!

by Chad S on WiseGuys Pro-Wash, LLC

WiseGuys is such a nice and helpful crew to work with. I can see why they have high reviews now! I was expecting just a surface wash but these guys get ALL of it off!

by Frank M on WiseGuys Pro-Wash, LLC

I couldn’t have asked for a better clean! I’m definitely blown away (no pun intended)! You don’t find good customer service nowadays but WiseGuys really knows it’s value. Great job guys!

by Harry Holly on WiseGuys Pro-Wash, LLC

I have a fairly large property and I almost felt bad that so much needed cleaned. I thought it would take them all day but it didn’t! They did a good job too! Thanks WiseGuys!


Check Out What Our Customers Say

Our home looks great after the soft wash process. Also had the driveway power washed and it’s like freshly poured concrete. Highly recommend
Kelly Anthony
Kelly Anthony
20:11 01 Jul 19
Wise Guys were everything they promised. They arrived promptly, were professional and very thorough. Their quality of work goes unmatched to others we have used in the past. Feels like we have a new home!
Kristy Light
Kristy Light
22:43 23 Jun 19
WiseGuys did a fabulous job pressure washing our entire house and pool area. Everything looks like new! The crew arrived right on time this morning. Communication was prompt and professional. Highly recommend WiseGuys for all pressure washing needs!
Kelly Asbury
Kelly Asbury
22:33 07 Jun 19
We are thrilled with the pressure washing service from WiseGuys! They were responsive via text and email during their busiest time of the year and managed to get our job completed before the long weekend. They did an impeccable job cleaning off our patio and all the furniture including the cushions. It feels like everything is better than brand new. We are really enjoying being outside again! (We have already booked a date for next year!)
Tisha Tipnis
Tisha Tipnis
12:34 03 Jun 19
Wesley and his staff are so knowledgeable about power washing. Wesley is an amazing entrepreneur who has taken his business to the next level by providing unparalleled customer service. I highly recommend WiseGuys Pro-wash!
Melissa Dayoub
Melissa Dayoub
01:17 17 May 19
Wonderful experience. Prompt, courteous and knowledgeable in pressure washing our driveway, sidewalk and front steps. Good pricing structure. The owner evaluates which areas to power wash and which ones to soft wash to preserve painted surfaces. Going to hire them again to pressure wash our deck. I used Wise Guys because they had great reviews and now I want to add our experience to the number of very positive reviews.
D L Jacobs
D L Jacobs
22:03 18 Apr 19
Wesley and the guys at WiseGuys pro wash are amazing! Punctual, knowledgeable, friendly and expedient. They were out to quote our property within 24 hours of our first phone call, and managed to squeeze us into the schedule and had the job done 24 hours later. The work was top notch, made the place look 10 years younger. We will be hiring them for more work soon and absolutely recommend them!
Kate Jones
Kate Jones
00:08 10 Apr 19
Very professional from start to finish! Quick and easy quote! Amazing results! We thought we were going to have to repaint our deck, but Wise Guys cleaned it so well it looks brand new! Rodney our technician, called ahead so I knew exactly when he would be there, he was on time, worked very efficiently, and did an amazing job! He was also super friendly! Would recommend to all!
Leigh Hubbard
Leigh Hubbard
20:34 29 Mar 19
They arrived as promised. Very professional workers with a sense of respect and enthusiasm for their work and a sense of humor as well. They worked earnestly doing exactly as promised. Wise Guys are pros and did the best work power washing and more we have ever had. Recommend without hesitation.
Michael Johns
Michael Johns
23:30 27 Mar 19
College Student Pressure Washing did an excellent job. They were professional, responsive and reasonably priced. I would highly recommend this company for your pressure washing needs.
Collin Garner
Collin Garner
19:34 19 Mar 19
I found WiseGuys Pro-Wash on Nextdoor when I needed some urgent pressure washing services in order to prep our house for sale. I spoke with Wesley on a Wednesday, he came out to quote the project on a Thursday, and then Forest came out to complete the work on a Friday. Their customer service and quality workmanship was outstanding. Forest was able to perform a cleaning wash on our siding and a deep clean of the driveway and retaining wall, all within about three hours. The results were night and day.
Chris Callura
Chris Callura
18:09 01 Mar 19
They did an amazing job! My stone patio, walkways and fireplace look completely different. Very professional and reasonably priced. I would recommend to anyone.
Caroline Horsley
Caroline Horsley
20:32 26 Feb 19
Forrest just left our home and it has never looked better! Wow, he is professional, knowledgeable, personable and efficient. Our bluestone, walks and patios and limestone steps were covered with black and green stains. Now they look like new. We plan on using WiseGuys on a maintenance program now and will certainly ask for Forrest.
Susan Welsh Churchill
Susan Welsh Churchill
21:00 16 Feb 19
Great job. Crew showed up on time, very friendly and finished as promised. Very pleasant experience. Can only recommend.
Bodo Goepfert
Bodo Goepfert
02:18 14 Feb 19
Forest did an Excellent Job and really went above and beyond to make sure we were happy. I'm very please with his professionalism and character. This is truly a 1st rate company!
16:43 10 Feb 19
What a great experience. The guys were on-time, called before hand and took extra care around the house. We were going to repaint the house, but after speaking with them. we tried the power-wash cleaning and the house looks great! Saved us a ton on painting. Driveway looks brand new as well - very happy! Great work guys!
David Todd
David Todd
13:45 04 Feb 19
I had WiseGuys come out to pressure wash the white 3-rail community fence and the front and side of our Clubhouse sidewalks. Everything is spectacularly great looking. The WiseGuys owner (Wesley) and crew are punctual, well priced, professional, friendly and all-around terrific! I highly recommend them.
Bart Bartholomew
Bart Bartholomew
19:31 16 Jan 19
A stellar job and a stellar crew. Wesley came out to the house and was extremely professional, personable and answered all my questions. Forrest and Rodney did a perfect and very thorough job. Will be using their services again! Very reasonable rates.
Judy Ostrow
Judy Ostrow
13:37 20 Dec 18
Great job by WiseGuys Pro-Wash from start to finish and the whole process in between. Wesley was responsive and has a solid communications and quote process established. Forrest and Rodney did a great job on the house, windows, deck, outside furniture, and swing set. All went well. Thanks!
Karin Siedlecki
Karin Siedlecki
05:10 09 Nov 18
Highly recommend this group. The entire team is responsive, courteous, and professional. Well-trained technicians did amazing job on patio, stone walkway and cement driveway. I will use them again and recommend them to everyone.
Tracy Adler
Tracy Adler
10:14 01 Nov 18
I recommend this company! They not only responded quickly to request for service, provided fair estimates and advised on what actually needed to be completed (I was told 1-2 things that I thought we needed completed weren’t necessary and/or weren’t worth it for the time of year and better completed in a different season or at a future date because still in good condition). The team completing service was on time and provided quality work in a timely manner. Our house looks great! Will use them again in future.
Sarah Ficke
Sarah Ficke
13:09 30 Oct 18
Wesley came out to give me the quote, very knowledgeable and personable. Forrest and Eddie came to do the actual work. They showed up right on time and finished when they said they would. Other quotes were in the same price range but gave me the feeling they were not looking out for my best interests. Our house, driveway and stone walls look so much better!! Thank you!
Carol S
Carol S
13:27 22 Oct 18
Wise Guys did a phenomenal job cleaning the exterior of our home and driveway. Wes was great to work with from the initial consultation, quickly provided a quote to scheduling the job. Very good communication from start to finish and the work done by Forest and Elli was exactly what we wanted. I would use them again and highly recommend their services!
Alexa Slade
Alexa Slade
21:18 28 Sep 18
Did a great job cleaning my house exterior and driveway. Forrest and another guy (sorry, didn’t catch his name) did the work. Forrest walked the house with me before to review the proposed work, and did the same after to ensure everything was as expected. Work was quick and reasonably priced - would recommend!
Erica Probst
Erica Probst
15:37 21 Sep 18
Forrest and Eli did an excellent job. They were well-prepared, fast and friendly. Forrest walked with me and we went over every detail of the job before they began, and made sure everything was as I expected before they left. My house, deck, patio and driveway sparkle. I would highly recommend this company.
Lauren Adams
Lauren Adams
18:42 06 Sep 18
Wesley was very communicative and answered all questions. Forrest performed the job, was on time, very professional, and did a superb job. Very impressed all around. I'll use them again for sure.
Greg H
Greg H
18:38 01 Sep 18
Love Wesley at WiseGuys (formerly College Students Pressure Washing)! Wesley did the walk-through and quoted a fair price--a little higher than the other quote I received, but there were no "add-ons" or hidden fees--just one-stop-shopping. Then Andre came by--showed up on-time and did an exceptional job! Even my landscape guy commented on it--he said that often pressure washing companies tend to pressure wash the landscape too, which destroys the foliage, and whoever did this job was very attentive to detail--none of the landscaping was harmed at all. The one suggestion I have is to schedule it when you are home--due to a miscommunication, Andre skipped one area. No problem--they were happy to stop by within the week to correct, but had I been onsite the first time, they wouldn't have had to make a second trip.I loved working with them and I would hire WiseGuys again. Highly recommended!
Susanna Eiland
Susanna Eiland
17:02 17 Aug 18
My experience was top notch. Could not believe the difference it made on my home. They showed up on time and completed the job like they said they would. I highly recommend them!
Ryan Claterbaugh
Ryan Claterbaugh
16:11 31 Jul 18
Highly recommend Wiseguys Pro-wash. Forrest did a great job on our deck and brick siding of our house. He was on-time, informative with what he was doing (and why) and left our wood deck looking brand new. We will definitely use them again for any and all our washing needs.
Blake Grimsley
Blake Grimsley
23:45 30 Jul 18
My experience with WiseGuys was exceptional in every way. The owner, Wesley, came to my house and walked the project. He quoted me a very fair price with no "hidden" add-ons like some of the other companies. Forrest, the technician who did the work, showed up on time and knew exactly what Wesley and I discussed; a lot of companies drop the ball in that regard. The final product was the best cleaning I have ever had on my property, and I've used a bunch of different cleaners. I'm thinking Wesley just earned my business for years to come. Thanks guys!!!
Trox Austell
Trox Austell
18:43 20 Jul 18
These guys are truly professionals! Forrest did a great job and my flagstone patio and bricksteps look like new again. I would highly recommend WiseGuys and will continue to use their services when needed again.
Nancy Doelling
Nancy Doelling
17:51 19 Jul 18
Wesley and WiseGuys Pro-Wash was awesome to work with and did great work. We were very satisfied with the quote and process to obtain a quote. Pricing was really good too. Scheduling was easy, convenient and the team showed up to complete the work as planned. We even received a courtesy phone call when the team was on the way to our house. Wesley also followed up after the service to make 100% sure we were happy and satisfied. I can't say enough good things about this company. Highly recommended. Thanks again for making our house and driveway look great/new again.
Harrison Peer
Harrison Peer
15:45 22 Jun 18
WOW! They did a superb job, were personable, reasonably prices and communicated well. The equipment they used is professional grade, and they were able to complete my large job in one day. They did a walk around with me and completed all my items. I would highly recommend them your your pressure washing and window cleaning needs.
Gail Dean
Gail Dean
16:33 19 May 18
Wesley's (Wiseguys Pro-Wash) team (in uniform!) did an excellent job restoring our Community curb appeal. They received many compliments from all the homeowners on a wonderful job. It was evident they used state of art equipment and safe chemicals, paid attention to details, and make-it-right after walk-through were all part of their service . They ensured customer satisfaction was a priority. Great job WiseGuys. We plan to use their service again!
Harshad Shah
Harshad Shah
21:40 13 Apr 18
This company is very professional and timely with high quality services. They set time, called prior to arrival and showed up early. The work was 1st class - I highly recommend WiseGuys Pro-Wash.
David Waters
David Waters
12:39 10 Apr 18
I booked WiseGuys to pressure wash my house, driveway, sidewalk, & deck. Once they were done, the place looked better than expected. After they completed my job, two of my neighbors were so impressed with the job that they also booked their service & have been very satisfied.
Bobby Shane Palmer
Bobby Shane Palmer
13:54 04 Apr 18
The team at WiseGuys did a phenomenal job on my property, including siding, driveway, decks and fencing. They were polite, efficient and affordable. I highly recommend using their services.
Holland Dombeck
Holland Dombeck
13:18 03 Apr 18
Wesley and his team were prompt, and did a fantastic job pressure washing our driveway, house, and back patio. I would recommend this company to anyone looking for a pressure washing team!
Kelsey Fortune
Kelsey Fortune
23:49 02 Apr 18
WiseGuys did a fantastic job pressure washing my deck and driveway. Fast, showed up on time, clean cut and respectful employees who worked really hard. Very reasonable price, too. Additionally, this is a small business founded and run by a hard working young man, Wes. It's a pleasure to support business' like this and hardworking individuals. Thanks, WiseGuys! - Glen/Marietta, GA
Glen Caruso
Glen Caruso
19:37 19 Mar 18
Prompt, courteous, reasonable, and best of all excellent job. All around amazing experience. I am a realtor in Atlanta and needed a house pressure washed in order to list. Wesley came through with beyond flying colors.
Kim C
Kim C
18:42 14 Mar 18

Locally Owned & Operated by an Atlanta Native

We’re honored to serve property owners with service tailored to homes and businesses in Atlanta. Our southern climate is unique - and our exteriors need a service that can keep up. We meet the needs of your property with:

  • WiseGuys Pro-Wash, LLC

    Superior technology

    Our team invests in the best pressure washing and soft washing equipment to guarantee you’re getting the best results.

  • WiseGuys Pro-Wash, LLC

    Tailored expertise

    We constantly invest in professional development to ensure your property is getting the industry’s best solution.

  • WiseGuys Pro-Wash, LLC

    Special cleaning products

    Our cleaning detergents are tailored to address the buildup that affects Georgia properties, including mold, algae, and mildew.

  • WiseGuys Pro-Wash, LLC

    Environmental responsibility

    Your property can be a beacon of curb appeal and be safe for the planet. Our biodegradable cleaning products and pressure washing technology are all earth-friendly.

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WiseGuys Pro-Wash is proud to serve the following cities:

Atlanta, Chastain Park, Buckhead, Brookhaven, Sandy Springs, Dunwoody, Chamblee, Garden Hills, Tucker, Doraville, North Druid Hills, Druid Hills, Decatur, Vinings & Surrounding Areas

WiseGuys Pro-Wash

WiseGuys Pro-Wash


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WiseGuys Pro-Wash, LLC
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