Pressure Wash House Price

Pressure Washing

Pressure Wash House Price

If you want to estimate pressure wash house price, then this article helps you a lot. The washing prices can vary according to some important factors i.e. size and the type of washing areas. The price goes up if there are a lot of metal or wooden surfaces that need to be cleaned. This includes roofs and decks.

Another factor that affects the price of a pressure washing job is how dirty/muddy your house is. If you haven’t had the exterior professionally pressure washed in 3 years or more, expect an especially thorough cleaning from a professional service with higher prices. You can save money by having the lower areas power-washed first so dirt doesn’t track onto freshly cleaned siding and window sills.

Pressure Wash House
Pressure Wash House

In addition, another factor that may affect the final amount is whether the person providing the service is a contractor with a business license or a freelance worker who will not charge sales tax. These types of factors normally don’t affect the final price that much, but it helps to know what you’re getting into before you sign a contract and accept any higher prices.

In most situations, your home’s siding is going to be power-washed in sections at least 4 feet tall and 3 feet wide so they can be washed from the ground or from an extension ladder. A larger section can be washed when there is no overhang on the roof overhanging the side being cleaned. It is very important that your gutters are free of debris in order for them to work properly and protect your house from water damage. This is something that needs to be checked before the job starts.

If your house has a lot of stucco, or wood paneling, there will be an additional charge for this extra labor. The same goes for windowsills that are not easily accessible. A professional washing service will make sure you aren’t paying extra without getting the added benefits, like spot removal on areas under roof overhangs and power-washing skylights.

In addition, a professional service will also give you a chance to look at your home and point out any problem areas that may need extra attention. This is an opportunity for anyone who has been putting off having their house pressure washed since they can see how dirty it’s gotten before they decide if the job needs to be done.

Pressure Wash House
Pressure Wash House

There are two ways your house can be cleaned: “Cold” or “Hot.” The cold method goes by the name of “pressure washing” which is the more common way houses are cleaned. A hot wash uses detergents and special chemicals to break up dirt and grime so heavy cleaning isn’t necessary. Because these chemicals aren’t used, windowsills won’t have that white residue, metal won’t have extra rust, and decks with special types of lumber won’t show the dirt so much.

The downsides to this method are that it takes longer (5-8 hours compared to 3-4), there is less pressure behind the water flow (approximately 1/3) and more hot water tends to be used.

If you’re considering having your house power washed, make sure you take some time beforehand to go outside and look at all the problem areas where grime has collected over time – especially along with ground level, under roof gutters, around window sills, and along walls where the overhang from the roof meets the house.

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