Power Washing Homes – What You Need to Know

Cost of Roof Cleaning Services

Power Washing Homes – What You Need to Know?

Whether you’re planning to put up a new home, renovate an old one or have your home’s exterior power washed, there are a few things to consider first. These tips will help you choose the right company for the job, and make sure you get the most for your money.


Depending on your specific situation, the costs of power washing homes can vary dramatically. A small, one-story home may only need around hundred dollars for a power wash while a 2,000-square-foot house can cost upwards of thousands of dollars. A professional power washing service can save you money while preventing damage.

The true costs of power washing homes include equipment, cleaning solutions, and labor. In general most projects take one day. Those that require more time and more manpower will increase the total cost.

The cheapest house cleaning job can be completed in a single day, while more expensive projects can take more than a week. Some companies will offer discounts for larger areas. Some contractors have predetermined base prices for certain sizes of homes. A power washer can be rented for as little as some dollars a day. If you have the tools and the know-how, you can pressure wash your own home.

Power Washing Homes
Power Washing Homes

Getting rid of mold and mildew

Getting rid of mold and mildew by power washing homes is a relatively easy task. It is recommended that you wear personal protective equipment such as long pants, a shirt, gloves, safety glasses, and a mask. This prevents the spores from spreading and helps to protect your health.

Depending on the type of mold, you can use different cleaning methods. Vinegar and hydrogen peroxide are effective in killing mold roots. You can also use a specially formulated mold remover mixed with a bleach solution.

Another method to get rid of mold is to use a pressure washer. It is easy to do and can be used for both indoor and outdoor surfaces. It is important that you use a good cleaning solution and a high-quality detergent. You should wear a mask, eye protection, and waterproof boots.

Protecting your home from decaying materials

Using a power washer on a regular basis can go a long way toward keeping your home looking as fresh as the day it was purchased. One of the perks of a new home is the luxury of a fresh start and a tidy yard to boot. The aforementioned etiquette is not smothered in dust but it can be managed by a broom and a rag. The same can be applied to the kitchen counters to boot. For the tamer, a sprinkling of baking soda can do the trick in a pinch. The best part is that you can do it all the time!

Getting rid of allergens and irritants

Getting rid of allergens and irritants requires effort, but the end result is worth it. For example, replacing upholstered furniture with removable cushions can reduce the amount of pollen that gets tracked in. In addition, a humidifier is a great way to add moisture to your home and soothe dry nasal passages.

There are many ways to do this. One of the best is by power washing your home on a regular basis. This will remove any hard-to-reach stuff, including allergens. Another option is to purchase a vacuum with a UV light. Aside from cleaning your home on a regular basis, it’s also a good idea to keep your home cool and dry. This can help prevent mold spores from building up in your home.

Power Washing Homes
Power Washing Homes

Cleaning awnings

Choosing the right cleaning method can help preserve the look and durability of your awning. Awnings are used to provide protection from harsh weather and are an attractive feature of any building. However, they can quickly become an eyesore when not kept clean.

Regular cleaning of awnings will prevent grime, algae, and moss from building up and causing damage. Awnings are also susceptible to stains from paint, rust, and other pollutants. It is recommended that awnings are cleaned at least once a year.

To clean a fabric awning, you can use a brush or mild detergent and water. Make sure to wipe up any excess water after you’ve applied the cleaner.

A metal awning will require a different cleaning process. A pressure washer can be a great tool for this task. It allows you to reach higher areas and is easy to use. You should avoid using a pressure washer that exceeds 500 PSI. This is because too much pressure can cause damage to the awning material.

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