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Benefits of Professional Power Wash Siding

Every home is a special place. It’s where we make our memories, and it reflects the people who live there. But over time, your house can get dirty and dingy from pollution, dirt, leaves and other debris that blow in off the street or cling to you when you come inside with muddy shoes. Letting this happen will only make everything look worse and eventually require expensive repairs. Fortunately, professional power wash siding services exist to remove these grime-causing elements from your exterior surfaces without damaging them or reducing their sheen. They use powerful water streams at high pressure to blast away dirt and stains while also removing mold spores too small for household cleaning solutions to reach. This helps keep things looking good longer so you don’t have to worry about dirty siding or decks standing between you and your favorite outdoor activity.

Power washing is the cheapest way to remove old paint from a wood surface:

– A pressure washer can remove up to 3 coats of paint depending on how hard the surface is and what type of power washer is used.

– The best method for removing 2 or more layers of paint off a wood surface without damaging the wood would be with a gas pressure washer using an electric motor to power it.

– Gas-powered pressure washers generate enough PSI (pressure per square inch) for removal, while electric power washers generate only half the psi needed when compared side by side in identical tests when trying to remove multiple layers of paint from a wood surface.

– The use of a professional power washing service can also keep your siding and decks looking good longer by removing the mold, mildew, and algae spores that build up in between paint coats.

– Another important reason to hire a pro is that doing the job wrong will cost you more in time and money in the long run due to repairs needed for damage done to your home.

– If you try to scrub off years of neglect on your own, you’ll probably wear out before things get really clean. That means wasted hours trying to get it right while allowing harmful contaminants into cracks and crevices that should be sealed properly after all signs of age are gone.

– The cost of hiring a professional power washing service is far less than the cost of repairing that damage.

– It’s also easier to restore your home with a little help from someone who knows how. You can spend your downtime relaxing with family and friends instead of slaving over an outdoor project.

Bottom line? Make sure you choose a professional power washing company to keep things looking cleaner, longer. If you have older clapboard siding or decks, they are especially vulnerable to becoming discolored due to mold growth in between paint coats. This requires power washing because acids will not remove the stains and only strip off (cheaper) paint and sealer leaving bare wood behind which will weather very quickly if left untreated after coating removal. Use care when hiring a professional power washing service.

The benefits of professional power washing cannot be overstated. Not only does it keep your home looking its best, but a pro can also remove mold spores and other harmful contaminants from the cracks and crevices that may have been missed with household cleaning products. Power washing is an inexpensive way to get rid of old paint so you don’t have to worry about repairing damage caused by stripping layers off yourself or using the wrong type of pressure washer for clapboard siding removal. If you’re in the Atlanta area and are in need of help restoring your house because all this seems overwhelming, just let us know- our team would love to partner with you on a plan that works!

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