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Places To Ice Skate And Snow Tube In Atlanta

Want to know where you can ice skate or snow tube in Atlanta? If so then you are in luck. This post highlights go to places in Atlanta where you can get to enjoy these two popular winter sports.

If you love just about any winter sport and happen to be in Atlanta then you are definitely going to enjoy yourself. Why? Well, Atlanta boasts a number of great spots or places where you can just get to relax and take part in a number of winter sports.

While having a number of places where you can go to for winter sports activities is a good thing, it can as well be a bad thing. Why is this? Well, it makes hard to find ideal spots to go to. This is the reason for us sharing this post with you. Below, you’ll find ideal places in Atlanta to really enjoy your winter sports. In particular, these spots are perfect for anyone who is looking at or wants to ice skate and snow tube. That said, the spots or places this post will look at are;

Avalon on Ice

Top on the list of spots you need to visit once you lace up your skates and are ready to engage in the very best of winter sports, ice skating, is Avalon On Ice. This go-to spot boasts a unique monumental Rockefeller-Inspired ice skating rink that’s a must-see. Do note however that this spot remains open until late January, in particular, 26th January. Typically, Avalon On Ice opens its doors in time for the December holidays. In 2019, it opened on 24th November.

So what times are they open during this period? Well, the timing varies depending on the year and what you are after. Hence, it is best to always visit Avalon On Ice official page on a yearly basis during this period to confirm timings.

Some of the activities you can look out for during this period include ice skating lessons, disco skate parties, and costume contests. During Christmas, Santa usually makes an appearance to entertain the kids present at this spot. For New Year’s Eve, you can expect fireworks.

Snow Island

Snow Island is another ideal spot to go-to for anyone looking at getting their adrenaline fix when in Atlanta. A go-to activity at Snow Island for anyone looking at visiting Atlanta when it’s open is snow tubing. This spot boasts 575 feet long, 8 stories high Parrot Mountain slide that you can get to enjoy. Fun fact, this Parrot Mountain is one of the fastest snow rides in North America. For 2019, Snow Island introduced a new activity that definitely added a much-needed fun element, especially for small kids during the December holiday season.

What is it you ask? Well, a fun Scavenger Hunt. This basically saw kids finding Santa and taking a photo with him when they do find him. Additional attractions at Snow Island include magical nights of light, weekday promotions; boating, RV Resort, and Water Park just to mention a few.

Important to note for anyone looking at visiting this great spot, Snow Island remains open until 23rd February in 2020.

Six Flags

Six Flags is another popular go-to spot for all things ice skating and snow tubing and as such had to feature in this list. At Six Flags you get the very best when it comes to fun. One of the reasons why it is the very best when it comes to fun is the numerous fun activities available. This is especially so if you happen to visit this spot during the peak of the holiday season.

During this time, this spot, in addition to making it possible to ice skate, has a colorful light show that you can just sit back and get to watch and enjoy. There are also other Christmas-themed activities and spaces that are perfect for the little ones.

This popular winter attraction spot is also a go-to place for anyone looking at taking in a beautiful light show in a hot air balloon. So if you are after a spot where you’ll not only get to enjoy ice skating but also other cool activities with your family or friends then Six Flags is the ideal spot for you.

Snow Mountain

Want to enjoy some snow tubing then head over to Snow Mountain for a day, afternoon or evening of fun. This Atlanta-based spot boasts a number of fun activities that you, your friends or family members can get to take part in and enjoy. The most important activity, however, is snow tubing. Snow Mountain has a 400-feet long tubing hill that makes a perfect spot for snow tubing.

Fun fact, there are over 20 tubing slides at Snow Mountain making it the ideal spot for any lover of snow tubing. It is good to point out that this is not safe for small kids. But this, however, doesn’t mean that the kids are left out, there is a bunny slope in place at now Mountains that is perfect for kids who are 3 years or younger.  

Other activities you or your loved ones can take part in or enjoy include building igloos or snowmen at their SnowZone. There is also a Snowball Shooting Gallery where you can also get to spend quality time. For kids, the SnowZone has an ideal space that allows for the ultimate snowball fight. For adults, the SnowZone has an ideal spot for relaxing with friends or family around a bonfire roasting marshmallows.

Key to note, kids below 16 years old are required to go with adults. Secondly, weather conditions might affect activities at Snow Mountain so it is always good to check before going.

Park Tavern’s The Rink

Park Tavern’s The Rink is a very popular spot with many residents in Atlanta looking at enjoying winter-based sports. Powered by Bubly at Park Tavern, this spot boasts a number of activities that you can get to indulge in during your visit, especially during the holiday period. Activities you can look forward to enjoying while at Park Tavern’s The Rink include ice skating, seasonal cocktails, firepits and much more. It is open Monday through Thursday and ticket prices are $15 during non-peak days and $20 during peak days that is Friday, Saturday and Sunday. This ticket price includes skates rental and ice skating as well.

Good to note is that Park Tavern’s The Rink remains open until Martin Luther Day, that’s 20th January in 2020. It is also advised that one should purchase tickets beforehand as these give them time to verify if there is availability.

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