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Mistakes That Should Be Avoided When Window Cleaning

Having trouble cleaning your windows properly? Well, you are probably doing it wrong. Here are a few mistakes you should avoid when cleaning your windows.

Having clean shiny windows is something every homeowner works towards having. Unfortunately, windows can be dirty. This is especially so if they are exposed to things like dust, watermarks or even fingerprints. So how can you go about having clean windows? Well, cleaning them properly.

The problem is that not many people know how to properly clean windows? In particular, many make mistakes when cleaning their windows and as a result, end up making the process of cleaning windows very difficult. Even worse, some end up damaging their windows when they make these mistakes.

It is with this that we’ve opted to share with you this post on window cleaning. Below, you’ll find details on mistakes that you should avoid when window cleaning. Avoid these mistakes and you are sure to have clean windows on a regular basis.  

The mistakes this post highlights are;

  • Window Cleaning Tools
  • Cleaning Windows When It’s Sunny
  • Cleaning Methods
  • Focusing Too Much On The Exteriors
  • Using Newspapers & Wrong Scrappers

Window Cleaning Tools

Settling on the wrong tools or simply using the wrong tools when cleaning windows is one of the biggest common mistakes many make. For you to have clean windows it is important that you use the right cleaning tools. Failure to have the right tools in most cases usually results in one not cleaning windows properly. Even worse, you might end up damaging your windows while cleaning them.

In addition to not using the right cleaning tools, many fail to use window cleaning tools the right way. A common window cleaning tool that is not used properly is windows scarper. With window scrapers, many people don’t move it in a single direction.

Furthermore, they don’t apply equal steady pressure on both sides. What this results in is a window that is not properly cleaned. In some cases, not using a scraper properly can result in one scratching their windows. This is especially o if you are using a scraper with old cleaning blades.    

Cleaning Windows When It’s Sunny

When you choose to clean your windows is also very important. This is especially so if you want clean shiny windows. So when should you clean your windows and when should you not clean your windows? Well, it is important that you avoid cleaning your window when its sunny outside. If you choose to clean your windows on a sunny day, the cleaning solution you use is likely to dry off quickly.

When this happens, you’ll be left with a window that has smudges and streaks. Hence it is important that you not clean your windows when it’s sunny outside. The next time you choose to clean windows, see to it that you have the perfect conditions.

What is (are) the perfect conditions? Well, cleaning windows when it’s foggy or cloudy outside is ideal. You can even choose to clean your windows when it’s raining outside. An easy way of determining whether it’s the right time to clean windows is by simply touching them. If they are hot or warm, it is not ideal to clean them.

Cleaning Methods

The cleaning method you use also plays a big part when it comes to cleaning windows. Unfortunately, many people do not use the right cleaning methods. As a result, they end up having windows that are not properly cleaned. With window cleaning methods, a common one that works perfectly if done right is first applying the cleaning the solution and then rinsing it off.

How do you do it right? Well, when you apply your cleaning solution let it sit for one or two minutes. What this does is help lift all dirt from your window. Once you’ve allowed the cleaning solution to relax, use a soft sponge to work it around your window. You want to overlap your strokes for a proper clean so pull vertically own once and once across the top. Try you’re very best to maintain equal pressure.

Use this method on both the exterior and interior parts of your windows for a perfect clean.

Focusing Too Much On The Exteriors

Another common mistake many make when cleaning windows is paying too much attention to the window’s exterior. This mistake actually comes down to perception. When a window is dirty, chances are you’ll immediately think of dust or other outside elements. These factors are likely to affect the window’s exterior.

While this is so, the interior of your window can also be dirty and as such, it is important that you clean it as well. Leaving it out leaves you with a window that is clean on the exterior but dirty on the interior. Overall, your window will appear dirty.

Therefore, make sure that you also clean the exterior of your window the next you are cleaning windows. Don’t fall into the temptation of leaving out the interior unwashed. Do this and you are on your way to having clean windows.

Using Newspapers & Wrong Scrappers

Another common mistake when cleaning a window is the use of a newspaper or wrong scraper. For some unknown reason, the act of cleaning windows using newspaper has been accepted worldwide. In fact, it’s a very popular practice.

While it might seem harmless and that it also somehow delivers, cleaning windows with newspapers isn’t advised. Why? Well, newspapers generally have harsh chemicals that can cause smudges. This is especially so white colored window frames. Instead of a newspaper, opt for a microfiber clean cloth.  

Using the wrong scrappers or just any other harsh tool can damage your window surface. If you are not sure about the scrapper you are using for that tough window stain it is advised to do two things. One, seek professional help. They’ll be able to advise you on what’s best.

Secondly, use stronger detergents; just make sure there are no chemical solutions. Chemical solutions are known to attract dust. Hence, your windows won’t stay clean for long.


There you have it, five mistakes to avoid when cleaning windows. While these five are the most common there are other mistakes not mentioned. One such window cleaning mistake is the use of hard water. For a proper clean, it is always advised to hire a professional(s).

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