Charlie Yates Golf Course

Looking for Outdoors Things to Do in Atlanta? – Let’s Golf at the Charlie Yates Golf Course

The Charlie Yates Golf Course is a popular attraction in the downtown area of Atlanta. This special course is 9-hole and has Bermuda fairways along with bent-grass. It was designed by one of the most renowned architects in Georgia, Rees Jones. It includes lots of challenges and is centered in the East Lake area. Along with golfing, you can also take advantage of the driving range, putting area, and the golf shop that is always fully stocked.

The rates for the golf course range from $14 to $32 depending on the number of holes and whether or not you will be walking or riding. The annual pass is $800, while the special rate pass is $100 less. Seniors who are over the age of 55 also get a special discount. When paying for admission, be sure to have your ID with you as you will need it to get access to the course and its amenities.

This course includes two major leagues, including the Ladies League and the Yates League. Both the Ladies League and the Yates League are 9-hole that start around 4 pm and cost at least $20 to participate. When participating, you can get a chance to win monthly rewards and play in the East Lake championship. This is one of the biggest reasons why the Charlies Yates Golf Course is the perfect place to spend your downtime with friends and family.

Along with that, you and your companions can get access to professional lessons, specials, and access to their online e-club that can be accessed on the website.

What Makes Golfing at the Charlie Yates Golfing Course Worth It?

It’s a Perfect Place to Get Exercise and Burn Calories

Did you know that people who play golf can burn more calories than professional gymnasts? Yes, if you visit the Charlies Yates Golfing Course and play without using a cart, you can burn almost 400 calories an hour. With a caddie, you burn a little over 300 an hour while most gymnasts only burn about 345 while they perform or practice. Those who play a game like bowling or table tennis usually get the same amount of calories burned in a yoga session, which is only about 275.

During your visit there, you can choose to play on a 9-hole course and carry your own clubs if you’ve got the ability to do so. This will help you burn almost 730 calories. You’ll burn almost 620 if the bag of clubs is carried by a caddie. Either way, it can be a great way to get some easy exercise with your friends.

It Can Help You with Coordination and Work Your Muscles

Most people underestimate the true benefits behind consistent golf practice. One of the most underlooked skills that come along with golfing is the use of coordinated muscle. When you swing a golf club, you use about 17 different muscle groups located in the hands, wrists, and arms. You also use a few muscles in your abdomen and legs. The more professional you get at it, the most athletic you’ll probably need to be in order to walk along paths and continue to get accurate shots.

Golf Is Considered a Sport by Most Organizations

It can be a pretty debatable topic depending on who you talk to, but your time at the Charlie Yates Golf Course can actually count towards you participating in sports. That’s the true beauty of golf; it’s relaxing enough to be a simple hobby but also complex enough to be considered a sport by most professional athletes. Even beginners can relax and unwind during a game of golf, but professionals know that over time, it helps you become more sharp-minded and focused.

In fact, the Associated Press was the first organization to consider a golf player and athlete in 1931 officially. This was a groundbreaking time in sports history since it meant that over 30% of those who participated in sports would now be able to hone their reputation and claim more accolades.

Make Your Time in Atlanta Worth It by Visiting the Charlie Yates Golf Course

Whether you’re visiting Atlanta or you’re already a resident just checking out the city, it is a good idea to consider taking your friends or family to this golf course to get a full experience. Even if you are a beginner or someone that isn’t that interested in professional playing, it can still be pretty useful to take advantage of their professional lessons and courses they have. If you are interested in going pro, participating in the leagues is an even better option for you and your company.

If you’re on a budget, you can participate in one of the most popular specials on the Charlie Yates Golf Course website. You can play the quad, which is great for those tight on time and money. If you don’t want to play nine holes, this can be the perfect option for you. During the last hour, the course is open every day, and you can walk holes for about $10. You can also ride the holes for $15.

If you’re in it for the full experience, be ready to get hands-on training through the lessons taught by golf professionals Rick Burton and Jeff Dunovant. Jeff has been a member of the PGA since 1992. He is the head golf professionals and is the assistant director there on the course. With over 20 years of professional experience in instruction, you can be sure that he will get you on track to a lifetime of great golf games.

Rick Burton is also a PGA professional with over 45 years of experience in this industry. His impressive background in golf playing allows him to teach players of pretty much any level. When you visit the course, you can expect to take 30-minute lessons with either of these professionals for about $60 if you’re an adult. If you’re looking for junior classes, you can expect to pay about $45 for 30 minutes of professional instruction.

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