Krog Street Tunnel

Looking For Good Street Art? Krog Street Tunnel Has The Vibe

If you are a fan of all things art, especially graffiti art, then you are going to fall in love with Krog Street Tunnel in Atlanta. Read on for more on this beautiful place.

Tunnels and art always go hand in hand. Whether you are in America, in Europe or in Asia, chances are you’ll find a tunnel decorated with street art. Love it or hate it, some of these arts are not just properly crafted but also inspire and represent a certain meaning. Furthermore, they also add to the appeal of the neighbourhood where the art or tunnel is. One such example of street art on tunnel being something positive is evident the Krog Street Tunnel in Atlanta.

If you were to visit Krog Street Tunnel in Atlanta today you’ll be wowed by the amount of art on display. In fact, there is no inch of space that’s unpainted at the Krog Street Tunnel. That said this post is going to highlight this beautiful spot in Atlanta. In particular, we’ll highlight what to expect and what you can do once you visit Krog Street Tunnel.

A Brief Krog Street Tunnel History

Before delving deep on what to expect when you visit Krog Street Tunnel it is good to familiarise ourselves with a little bit of history. That said Krog Street Tunnel was built as short underpass back in 1912. The main purpose for it being built was and still is to connect two neighbourhoods in Atlanta, that’s Cabbagetown and the Inman Park. So when did the artist begin their artwork on this tunnel? Well, back in the 1960s. In fact, it was during this time that the tradition of graffiti at this tunnel really kicked off.

Today Krog Street Tunnel is home to some of the best street art you’ll see anywhere in the world. Worth noting about this tunnel when it comes to matters art is that you are likely to find a variety of art pieces. From murals to small tags and even underground festival flyers creatively painted, you’ll find it all. Also worth noting is that the art is always changing. Today you might come across an impressive art piece only to come a few months to find out that it has been replaced. This in mind, it is always best to take a picture of an art piece that has truly captured your heart.

Is it accepted by the community? Well, yes. In fact, the locals are very protective of it. One of the reasons why this is so is the fact that it serves both as a community message board for the community and an art canvas for artists. Fun fact, you are likely to find thought-provoking pieces that actually represent the current state of the community or neighbourhood.     

What To Know Before Visiting

Now that you have some knowledge about the Krog Street Tunnel there are a few things you need to familiarise yourself with before actually visiting the site. For starters, is it free of charge or are you required to make payments? Well, as surprising as it might sound it is actually free to visit Krog Street Tunnel. Despite the great art pieces on display, you don’t have to pay a single dime. Even better they do have free parking so you actually drive to Krog Street Tunnel, park your car safely and get to enjoy the unique art pieces on display either on foot or on a bicycle. And don’t worry, the tunnel is pedestrian safety, you can get to enjoy the art pieces in peace.

Another thing that’s also important to factor in is the fact that Krog Street Tunnel is a perfect place to take pictures. So when you are making you way there, be ready to either take pictures of yourself or pictures of the artsy engagement that’s on display. One of the reasons why this is so is the variety of colours in play. Even better, the colours are all vibrant thus creating the ideal backdrop for a picture. In fact, you can actually even choose to record a music video during your visit at Krog Street Tunnel.   

If you live in the neighbourhood close to Krog Steel Tunnel or maybe you are new to the area then this tunnel offers the ideal place to visit if you are looking at informing yourself about what’s going on around you. Why is this? Well, you’ll find details regarding upcoming shows, be it a live event, festival or even a local music show, right at the tunnel. Even details about upcoming or on-going races are available at this great place.    

Even better you can take advantage of the popularity of this place to actually announce something that you have. It can be an upcoming event or even a service that you believe will benefit the community. For instance, let’s say you are planning on hosting a big birthday party for yourself and would like to invite as many people as possible making the announcement in a creative way at the Krog Street Tunnel is the way to go. You can even take it a step further and actually make a marriage proposal, trust me, he or she will love, cherish and appreciate the gesture.

A Few Tips To Get You Going

Tip number one is parking. As already mentioned this tunnel offers free parking so when you are there simply park your car nearby and walk to the tunnel.

Tip number 2 is riding a bike. It is best to experience the art on Krog Street Tunnel while on a bike. This, of course, doesn’t mean that you can’t walk but you are likely to have a better experience while on a bike. In fact, local tour companies have taken note of this and they do offer bicycle hire services to visitors at the tunnel.

Tip number 3 is visiting Inman Park. Once you are done with your tour of the tunnel you can get to spend some quality, peaceful time at the Inman Park. Thanks to the tunnel the park is just a walking distance so feel free to visit it after you are done at the Krog Street Tunnel.

In Conclusion….

As already mentioned the art pieces at Krog Street Tunnel are likely to change, hence you are likely to see something new in terms of art every time you visit it. Also worth noting is that the tunnel allows for one to either walk through or ride a bike when taking in the sites.

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