Old Fourth Distillery

Let’s Sip Vodka And Gin At The Old Fourth Distillery

Looking for reasons why you should enjoy a sip of vodka and gin at Atlanta’s Old Fourth Distillery? Well, look no further as below we’ve highlighted top qualities of Old Fourth Distillery that makes it a must-visit for anyone who loves vodka and gin and wants to enjoy a glass in one of Atlanta’s hot spots.  

More often than not, sipping or rather drinking vodka and gin isn’t considered an ideal choice. Why? Well, many associate drinking these two (Vodka and Gin) with bad decisions and calories. While this might somewhat be true, there are some benefits associated with sipping vodka and gin. Even better, is if you get to enjoy these two at an ideal spot.

With these two in mind, this post will look into two things. One is why you should sip vodka and gin and two is why you need to sip at The Old Fourth Distillery. So without any further ado let’s get straight to it.

Why Sip or Drink Vodka & Gin At The Old Fourth Distillery

Top on the list of reasons why you need to sip or drink vodka and gin at The Old Fourth Distillery is taste. Old Fourth Distillery prides itself on having the very best in vodka and gin. In fact, they’ve won a number of awards based on the vodka and gin they serve up. These awards include top honors at San Francisco’s World Spirit Competition.

The Old Fourth Distillery also emerged 3rd place during last year’s Tastings.com World Cocktail Championships. These awards basically recognized and appreciated the different types of vodka or gin inspired drinks served up at The Old Fourth Distillery.     

While still on the subject of different types of vodka or gin inspired drinks served at The Old Fourth Distillery, it is good to point out its signature Lawn Dart and Straight Bourbon Whiskey drinks. These two are a perfect option for anyone looking to enjoy and experience something new and different when it comes to vodka and gin.

So what exactly are these two drinks? In other words, what will you be drinking when you order either one of these drinks at The Old Fourth Distillery?

Lawn Dirt

This vapor infused drink perfectly symbolizes what Old Fourth Distillery is all about and that is always experimenting to create the very best in unique vodka and gin-based drinks With Lawn Dirt, you get a drink that contains fresh organic cold-pressed ginger juice, fresh lemon peel, and sweetness from a cane. Why the name Lawn Dirt you ask? Well, the drink itself is fun and just a little bit dangerous.  

Straight Bourbon Whiskey

This one of a kind whiskey is a timeless American classic that’s not only unfiltered but also bottled from a single barrel. It boasts a very unique complex taste that includes hints of sun-dried hay and fruit linger.

While these two are Old Fourth Distillery’s signature drinks, they do have other unique drinks on offer. For instance, they do have peppermint schnapps, wasabi vodka, and pink peppercorn vodka just to mention a few. For a complete look at drinks available at The Old Fourth Distillery as well as added details on both Straight Bourbon Whiskey and Lawn Dirt, do visit their products page.

Other Reasons Why You Should Sip Vodka & Gin At Old Fourth Distillery

In addition to the vast number of unique and special drinks available and not mention ambiance, there are other reasons why you should sip gin and vodka at The Old Fourth Distillery. Below is a look at some of the health benefits to give you that extra push.    

It Helps Fight Off Illness

Top on the list of reasons why you should take that sip of gin and vodka at the Old Fourth Distillery is health. Yes, you read right, health. What many don’t know is that drinking that glass of gin actually helps fight off illness. How is this you ask? Well, gin generally contains juniper berries. These berries are known for being incredibly healthy fruits. In addition, they are known for carrying a vast number of medical benefits. For centuries now, this fruit has been used as a topical antiseptic and it helps fight off lung congestion or coughs.

Vodka, on the other hand, has its own health benefits. How does sipping vodka help? Well, it’s naturally an antiseptic and a disinfectant. This is one of the reasons why a number of household cleaning products contain alcohol. With it being an antiseptic and a disinfectant, you can actually use it to clean wounds, or even treat toothaches. 

Calm Joint Pains

If you are having or experiencing joint pains or maybe have arthritis then taking that sip of gin is perfect for you. According to researchers, the makeup of gin helps relieve joint pains. In particular, gin helps tackle pain caused by gout, rheumatoid arthritis, and achy joints. To spice things up a bit and also get more from gin, some actually soak it with raisins so as to remove inflammations on the joints.

While gin helps in calming joint pains vodka is known to relieve stress. Yes, forget about red wine, in fact, red wine is nothing compared to vodka when it comes to relieving stress. These are not just words; research has actually proven this fact, vodka helps in relieving stress even better than red wine.

Although not commonly known for this, vodka also helps alleviate symptoms that are caused by arthritis. Studies show that patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis had less pain if they drank vodka semi-regularly.   

Look Young

You’ve probably heard that drinking can make you old. Well, this is not true with all drinks. In fact, drinking gin and vodka especially can make you look young. Forget about red wine, gin is full of anti-aging benefits. One of the reasons why sipping gin can actually make you look young is its natural ingredients. So what is it about gin’s natural ingredients? Well, they are packed with antioxidants. These antioxidants help keep skin youthful, dewy and most importantly fresh. Furthermore, a sip of gin regularly helps with cellular restoration.

Vodka also has similar benefits. A sip of vodka regularly helps in preventing aging. Remember however that you’ll only get to enjoy these benefits if you consume vodka in recommended proportions. Overdo it and you’ll not be able to see the anti-aging result of these two drinks.

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