Atlanta Botanical Garden

Interested In Plant Collections? Atlanta Botanical Garden Is The Place For You

Do you love all things plants? Better yet would you like to know more about plant collections? Well, read on to find out why Atlanta Botanical Garden is the ideal place for you.

Known to have opened its door back in the 1970s, Atlanta’s Botanical Garden is without a doubt an ideal place for anyone interested in all things plants. Since, its inception, this crown-jewel of Atlanta has continuously evolved to become the destination for individuals who love all things horticulture, nature, or anyone who simply wants to reconnect with their human side. One of the reasons why this is so is the fact that it is home to some of the world’s most renowned plants. In other words, it boasts a renowned plant collection. Additionally, it features stunning exhibitions of rare plant collections and beautiful displays of a variety of plants.

In this post, we’ll be sharing with you details about this beautiful place. Even better, we’ll look into what you can expect when you actually visit Botanical Garden.

Botanical Garden History

Known for being a 30 plus acre urban oasis today, Botanical Garden in Atlanta opened its door back in 1973 as a small plot. The mission when Botanical Garden opened its doorway back then was very simple, open and create a place where plant collection can be developed and maintained for the purposes of display, education, conservation, research as well as enjoyment. One of the things the garden wanted to be known for was gardens.

Today, it boasts a number of gardens including an award-winning garden for children. While still on the topic of gardens, two gardens stand out from the rest and they are the Storza Woods and Skyline Garden. Both boast unique attractions that are sure to have you relaxed and calm. The Storza Woods Garden features a unique canopy walk while the Skyline Garden features picturesque skylines.

What Can I Expect At Botanical Garden?

Again, if you love all things plants then you are going to love your time at Botanical Garden. That said there are a number of activities you can take part in once you opt to visit this beautiful garden. Even better, the garden boasts a number of places where you can get to sit back, relax and take in breath-taking views of gardens, precious plants as well as art. Below, we’ll get into details on all these activities as well as sights. In particular, we’ll highlight the following activities and sights;

  • Classes & Education
  • Art Collections
  • Conservation & Research
  • Events & Exhibitions

Classes & Education

One of the things Botanical Garden seeks to achieve is an inspiration. In particular, Botanical Garden seeks to inspire everyone to grow when it comes to matters of plants. To achieve this they have in place classes and lectures that are perfect for anyone regardless of their age.  In these classes, you’ll be taught by celebrated experts when it comes to matters of nature and plants. If you are lucky, you might just attend a class taught by one of Atlanta’s celebrated chefs.

Such classes normally offer attendees an intimate and relaxing culinary experience. For more on all things, classes and education at Botanical Gardens do visit their official classes and education page. There you’ll find details about each and every class they have coming up. Even better, you’ll get to learn of when the classes are on and what age-group each class is suited for.

Art Collections

If you are looking at visiting Botanical Garden so as to take in some of the views it has to offer then you are definitely going to love its art collection. This beautiful Atlanta garden features a variety of art pieces strategically placed in different parts of the garden. Some of the art you can look forward to seeing when you visit Botanical Garden eye-catching sculptures and beautiful water features.

It also boasts a permanent, very big, display of Dale Chihuly’s work.  That said, one piece that’s definitely going to capture your eye immediately you visit this garden is the Earth Goddess. This ever-growing icon boats more than 18,000 live annuals and it’s strategically located to greet guests as they enter the Cascades, a popular garden on its own at Botanical Garden.

Worth noting about art collection and Botanical Garden is that it has a total of nine sculptures throughout the garden perfectly located at different parts of the garden. The Chihuly Art Collection and calming water features round up its beautiful pieces.

Conservation & Research

If you are looking at improving your knowledge on all things plant and nature then following up on Botanical Garden’s conservation and research activities is a must. It boasts a number of programs like education outreach and plant conservation research sure to help improve your knowledge of all things plants and nature.

It is worth noting when it comes to matters conservation and research at Botanical Garden that it has dedicated centers that handle specific areas of research. For instance, the Southeastern Center for Conservation mainly focuses on four key areas. These are habitat restoration and monitoring, pollinator surveys, conservation seed banks, and evolutionary studies.   

Also worth noting is that the research leads to breakthroughs that help further the garden’s global effort of conserving restoring and monitoring plants. This is especially so when it comes to dealing with imperiled plants.  

Events & Exhibitions

Another reason why you should look at Botanical Garden if you are interested in plant collection is its events and exhibitions. This garden plays host to a number of fun-filled events and exhibitions on a regular basis. This in mind it is always best to confirm with the garden on what events or exhibitions are currently on.

One place where you can easily get this information is on their events and exhibition page. Simply click on and click on the calendar for a list of events and exhibitions that might interest you. Fun fact, the wide variety of events and exhibitions at Botanical Garden makes it evolve on a regular basis. Hence, you’ll have a different feel every time you visit the garden.

There you have it, everything you need to know about Botanical Garden. If you love all things plant collection see to it that you head over there for the ultimate experience. And, let me add if you’re interested in power washing services click here and find WiseGuys Pro-Wash on the map.

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