Power Wash Cedar Siding

How Should I Clean And Power Wash Cedar Shakes Or Cedar Siding?

Aging cedar siding on your home might require power washing. This post shares details on how best you can go about cleaning cedar shakes or cedar siding.

If you are after appearance, longevity, and maintenance then cedar is an ideal choice for your home’s exterior. With cedar, you get natural oils as well as acids that help protect the wood from weather elements as well as insects. While this is so, it is important that you clean cedar siding or cedar shakes occasionally. Unfortunately, not many know how to properly clean their cedar shakes or cedar siding.

In particular, many people don’t know how to properly power wash cedar shakes or cedar siding. This in mind, this post highlights everything there is to know about cleaning cedar shakes or cedar sidings. Think of it as a guide on how best to clean cedar shake siding. Upon reading it, you’ll know how to properly clean your cedar siding or cedar shakes using a power washer.

What Is Cedar Shake or Cedar Siding?

Before going deep on how to go about power washing cedar shakes or cedar siding, it is best to know what cedar shake or cedar siding really is. So what is it? Well, as already mentioned earlier, cedar is a go-to wood-choice for many due to its qualities. In general, cedar is very hard to bend. In addition, splitting it is very difficult and it doesn’t swell as well. A typical use for the cedar is usually the creation of furniture and closets.

Of late, however, cedar has gained lots of popularity as an ideal material for a house’s siding. Why? Well, not only is cedar shakes or cedar siding a softwood that is highly insulated but also durable and helps in reducing or blocking unwanted noise. In addition to these, cedar has an open-cell structure. Why is this beneficial? Well, wood that has an open-cell structure is generally very light and easy to use when constructing. Furthermore, it has a structure that allows for heat-trapping due to its low density. To top it all off, it’s generally appealing to look at thus making it a perfect choice for many.  

There are other additional benefits associated with using cedar in your home. For instance, you are bound to have a very interesting forestry natural look. If you really want to kick things up a notch you can choose to preserve its smell.

Despite all its benefits and features, cedar can lose its shine. This is usually due to dirt, in particular mold. If mold happens to grow on cedar chances are it’ll depreciate. As such, it is very important that you care for cedar by properly cleaning. The best way to clean a cedar shakes or cedar siding is through pressure washing. This helps in completely doing away with unwanted algae or mold present.

How Should I Clean & Power Wash Cedar Shakes or Cedar Siding?

With knowledge of what cedar shakes siding really are and the importance of ensuring it’s properly maintained, the next question many of you have is how to go about properly cleaning it. So how can you properly clean and power wash cedar shakes and cedar siding?

Well, the process of cleaning cedar shakes siding starts by first watching out for mold and algae. The first sighting you have of mold or algae should initiate a cleaning process. Not just any cleaning process but pressure washing. While pressure washing is ideal, too much of it is not recommended as it might end up damaging your cedar shake siding.

Having said that knowing how to properly power wash cedar shakes or cedar siding comes down to taking the right steps. With that, below is a step by step look on how to best clean cedar shakes siding.

Step 1: Choosing The Right Pressure Washer

The first step when it comes to cleaning cedar shakes or cedar siding is making sure you pick the right pressure washer. They are a variety of pressure washers in the market today. Thee pressure washers all have different levels of pressure. Picking the ideal one will not only allow you to properly clean cedar but also not damage it. Having said that, an ideal pressure washer for cleaning cedar shakes or cedar siding is a 3000 PSI pressure washer. This particular washer has a pressure power that’s ideal for cedar shakes siding.

Step 2: Use The Right Detergent

Having the right pressure washer is just the start when it comes to cleaning your cedar shakes or cedar siding properly. In addition to choosing the right pressure washer, you need to have the right detergent with you. Don’t be tempted to only use water when cleaning your cedar shakes. Why do you ask? Well, water alone, even with the right amount of pressure, will not get rid of molds or algae. As such, always see to it that you use the right detergent. If you are in doubt you can always seek advice from a professional on what’s best.

Step 3: Application

With the right pressure washer and detergent, the only thing remaining is properly applying it. To start, take your detergent and put it inside the pressure washer’s detergent tank. Once done, take a spray nozzle and attach it to your pressure washer. Next, spray the detergent at all the molds and algae. Make sure you cover a good amount of space when doing your cleaning to ensure you get just about every mold and algae. However, be very cautious and remember not to stay too long at a particular spot as this might damage your cedar.    

Step 4: Rinse It All Off

Once you are done applying the mold or algae detergent and left it to rest for a few minutes, rinse it off properly. For this, you’ll need a different type of nozzle. In particular, you’ll need a green nozzle (familiarize yourself with the different types of color nozzles). Once you have your nozzle in place, apply medium pressure and rinse off the detergent with water from the spray. When spraying, do it from side to side. What this does is help in thoroughly rinsing off the detergent.

Remember, leaving any detergent residue might attract even more dirt. Equally as important when spraying is ensuring that you are not too close. An appropriate distance is usually two feet. This way you’ll be sure that you are not putting too much pressure. You also want to make sure that your wand is pointed. Why is this important? Well, with it pointed you’ll not miss any spots.


As you can tell, power washing cedar shakes or cedar sidings are not that difficult. It is something that you can do if you have the proper equipment and knowhow. Otherwise, it is best that you seek professional help when cleaning cedars.

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