Centennial Olympic Park

Free Entertainment At Centennial Olympic Park In Atlanta

Searching for something to do in Atlanta without having to spend any or too much money? Well, why not visit Atlanta’s famous Centennial Olympic Park. Interested? Read on to find out why.

If you are in Atlanta, whether visiting or happen to reside their then there is one place you should definitely go to and that is the Centennial Olympic Park. Why Centennial Olympic Park? Well, this beautiful centerpiece of Atlanta boasts the very best when it comes to all things recreational activities. Even better, it has an activity for just about any and everyone. For instance, you’ll find lots of space at Centennial Olympic Park that’s perfect for those who love taking morning or evening strolls. There are also fountain rings and other water features that lend it its charm as well as offer additional recreational activities.

Worth mentioning is that Atlanta’s Centennial Olympic Park is surrounded by popular attractions like the Atlanta Magic Theatre, Georgia Aquarium, College Football World of Fame as well as World of Coca-Cola just to mention a few. Some of these attractions require admission charges for you to enter or participate so do keep that in mind.

If you don’t have or simply don’t want to spend money you’ll be happy to note that there are lots of free fun things to do at Atlanta’s Centennial Olympic Park. This in mind, this post highlights some of the best free entertainment at Centennial Olympic Park. In particular, this post highlights the following;

  • Digital Interactive Mural
  • Day & Night Time Events
  • The Splash
  • Audio Walk Tour
  • Children Museum of Atlanta
  • The Georgia Aquarium

Digital Interactive Mural

Top on the list of free entertainment at Centennial Olympic Park is its Digital Interactive Mural. This one of a kind mural is located at the Visitors Center and offers an ideal place for friends or family members to just sit back relax and create or take beautiful Insta-Worthy pictures. Speaking of which, this Digital Interactive Mural is known nationwide for this particular reason. The Olympic Rings sculpture also located at the Visitors Center adds to this Mural’s Insta-Worthy status.  

Day & Night Time Events

Another free entertainment go-to for anyone who’s at Centennial Olympic Park is or are day and night time events. This spot is known for weekly music series that are sure to leave revelers all pumped. If you are lucky, you might just catch a big celebrity at one of their weekly music series. Even better, they do host a number of popular annual festivals that bring some of the biggest names in the music industry. These festivals include the Shaky Knees Music Festival and the Sweetwater420 Festival. They also do have 4th of July celebrations, an ideal Ice Skating Rink and the perfect Holiday in The Lights celebration.    

The Splash   

If you are looking for something extra while at Centennial Olympic Park then head over to The Splash. This one-of-a-kind fountain is known worldwide for its sophistication as well as having one of the world’s largest interactive fountains. It’s perfect for kids of all ages. In other words, it has something for just about every kid. Furthermore, your kid can choose to play in the fountain or simply sit back and enjoying synchronized water and music programs, either way, they are definitely going to enjoy the time spent at Atlanta’s splash.

Worth noting about the synchronized water and music program is that they feature familiar tunes and also come with lighting effects that lend it additional appeal. If you are looking at visiting The Splash keep in mind that it plays four times a day, every day at the following times 12:30 pm, 3:30 pm, 6:30 pm, and 9:00 pm.   

Audio Walking Tour

Audio Walking Tour makes it possible for just about anyone to enjoy the fun at and get to experience everything at Centennial Olympic Park. How do you ask? Well, by being available on their mobile website. In other words, anyone with a mobile phone can be able to access the Audio Walking Tour. What makes this particular tour stand out from the rest is the fact that one can be able to take part in his or her own pace. Worth noting regarding the Audio Walking Tour at Centennial Olympic Park is that it’s full of history, great architecture, music, and quirky trivia. You’ll get to learn about this park in detail as well as the legacy of the 1996 Olympic.      

Children Museum of Atlanta

Another perfect spot for your kids where they can get to enjoy themselves while at Centennial Olympic Park is the Children Museum of Atlanta. This one of a kind museum boasts a number of positives when it comes to matters education and fun for kids. Kids aged 10 years or younger can visit the museum and get to learn more about Atlanta in an engaging interactive way. It also boasts an engaging space that facilitates STEAM-focused learning.

The Georgia Aquarium

The Georgia Aquarium is another ideal spot to visit while at the Centennial Olympic Park. This is especially so if you love all thing nature. At the aquarium, you’ll be able to see a variety of animals including whale sharks, penguins, and even Sea lions. Before visiting, however, it is best that you look out for their frequent promotional events. Why is this important? Well, it’ll allow you to save on money and even better not spend any money at all. Worth noting, if you prefer to visit the aquarium when there no crowd, do go very early or stay late.


There you have it, free entertainment at Atlanta’s popular park, the Centennial Olympic Park. It is best to always check before making a visit to make sure that the activity you are planning to take part in is currently possible. For instance, you might want to check on matters event as the park is known for carrying out renovations that sometimes might put a stop on all types of events at the park. Also, you should consider exploring some of the attractions nearby Centennial Olympic Park if you are looking at spicing up your experience even more.

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